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Shocking, isn't it? Who'd want to hurt you?
~ Moriarty's most famous quote after shooting House.
You think that the only truth that matters is the truth that can be measured. Good intentions don't count. What's in your heart doesn't count. Caring doesn't count. But a man's life can't be measured by how many tears are shed when he dies. Just because you can't measure them, just because you don't want to measure them, doesn't mean it's not real. And even if I'm wrong, you're still miserable. Did you really think that your life's purpose was to sacrifice yourself and get nothing in return? No. You believe there's no purpose.
~ Moriarty to Dr. House.

Jack Moriarty is the final antagonist in season two of House MD, acting as the main antagonist in the season finale "No Reason", he was the spouse of an ex-patient to Dr. Gregory House, who wanted revenge on him for being the accidental cause for her committing suicide.

He was portrayed by Elias Koteas.


Jack was the husband of a former patient treated by House, and after being told by him that every piece of information possible would be important he admitted to House that he cheated on his wife, although this wasn't diagnostically relevant House told his wife anyway, leading to her committing suicide, breaking Moriarty's heart.

In response, he showed up to House's office one morning when he, Dr. Eric Foreman, Dr. Robert Chase and Dr. Allison Cameron were trying to diagnose a man with a swollen tongue, asked which one of them was House and promptly shot him point-blank, before sarcastically asking why anyone would hurt him. He then walked away but was apparently stopped by security on his way out and hospitalized himself next to House.

Throughout the remainder of the episode the two share a room and talk with one another all the while trying to outdo one another in terms of villainy and intimidation. Ultimately ending with Moriarty revealing his motives of actually being an ex-patient himself, the two overtime build up some level of respect for each other however House realizes what was happening was a hallucination and wakes up to find himself on a stretcher being brought into the ER.

Moriarty was never caught and was briefly mentioned a few more times throughout the series.


In spite of being vengeful and holding a massive grudge against House Moriarty was indeed a fairly polite and well-mannered man, motivated mostly by tragedy and remorse for his part in his wife taking her own life. Aside from this not much is known about his personality, although the hallucination variant of him appears to be a well-informed and intellectually bright and cultured.


Moriarty was a middle-aged man with pale skin, light stubble and receding black hair. He was quite well-dressed and well groomed as well, wearing a three-piece light grey suit with a sky blue shirt underneath, he removed the blazer quite early on in his appearance however.


  • Jack is an obvious allusion to James Moriarty as House himself is a unique take on Sherlock Holmes, however he is probably the most sympathetic version of this character to exist and by far the loosest adaptation of him.
  • Jack is one of the first villains in House to be a major antagonist while not being an arc villain.



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