Not to be confused with his pre-scratched kid version, Jack Noir

Jack Noir B2

Jack Noir B2 or Union Jack is the Jack Noir from the post-scratch kids session. He is violent and cruel just like the other Jacks but is later Possessed by Lord English and becomes an all powerful being.

Under The Condesces Order

Jack worked for The Condesce ever since she became the new queen. Jack and Courtyard Droll were given a mission by the Condesce to kill both Jake English and Jane Crocker. Courtyard Droll was able to kill Jake but Jack knocked Jane unconscious, thinking he killed her. After he found out that Jane was still alive, we went back to finish her off for good. However, the White Queen managed to stop Jack from killing Jane by knocking him out with the White Kings scepter.

Plan To Escape Prison

Jack was taken to prison for his crimes. Courtyard Droll attempted to get him out by sending him a pumpkin filled with knifes in them. Jack then took the knifes and called one of the prison guard over to his cell, where he killed them. Two more guards came down to try and kill Jack but they were both killed as well. Jack shoved there heads in the pumpkin but accidentally sent the pumpkin to the Condesce. The Condesce was furious by this and sent down several solders to go and beat down Jack.

Union Jack

Later, Jack received a doll named Lil Cal from the troll Gamzee Makara. The doll was Possessed by Lord English and English took complete control over Jacks body when he touched Cal. Jack gouged out his eyes (which soon became full of color), chopped his left leg off, and replaced it with a golden stick. Englishes aura went around Jack. With his new powers, Lord English (now called Union Jack while inside of Jack's body) escaped from the cell easily.

I did not eat tacos today

He went on a rampage and blew up Prospits moon with an eye blast. While Jade, Jake, Jane, Dirk, and Roxy fought against the Condesce, Union Jack came and attempted to kill Jake, Jane, and Jade. After the Condesce turned Jane and Jade into her new pawns. Union Jack flew away. As Union Jack was flying away, he was noticed by Spades Slick. Slick saw that Jack had been Possessed by Lord English and charged at him for revenge. Union Jack is chased by Slick until they bump into Dirk, Dave, and Terezi. They all prepare to fight each other for possibly the final time.

Final Battle

Get rekt Jack

Jack B2 death

They begin to fight to the death. In a matter of time, Jack gets Dirk in a chokehold. However, Spades Slick chokeholds Jack from behind. Dave then decapitates Dirk, Jack, and Slick while they were in a straight line. The death of Jack caused the explosion of half a planet.

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