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Jack The Reaper is the villainous mascot for the annual Halloween super store, Spirit Halloween. Jack first appeared for purposes of advertising the super store in 1985. Since then he has been featured on every single piece of merchandise of advertisement for the store and there exclusive products ever since. He has also appeared in the store's many themes and horror themed setups, that it is now known for. His design has changed very little through the years, with the only real change being making him less realistic and more stylized and cartoony.


Jack's design is very simple. Jack is a completely white skeleton that where's a black cloak with a hood. Jack has a large toothy evil grin and a single red eye. Not much is known about Jack's personality. However, we can gather that he is evil and sadistic, as he seemingly takes pleasure in the pain of others.


Major Appearances

  • Jack appeared at 2010's unnamed cinema theme, inside the ticket booth.
  • Jack appeared on his Jack The Reaper Archway from 2011 to 2012.
  • Jack appeared behind a tombstone in the vampire mausoleum in 2011.
  • Jack appeared above the Spirit Asylum sign in 2013.
  • Jack appeared in Lawn Scares and it's advertising campaign holding hedge clippers.
  • Jack's face appeared in a green splatter on the Spirit Station Z sign in 2015. His likeness also appeared on a transit sign underneath Possessed Wall Hanger and several other places, a large mural of his face with the name "Jack" spray painted underneath behind Smoldering Zombie, and several stickers across the display saying "Reaper.".
  • Jack's face can bee seen in the clock face atop the Clock Tower. In addition, the doorknockers on the doors above Cerberus also carry Jack's likeness. In 2016.
  • Jack appeared above the Spirit Hollow sign in 2017, holding it in his hands.
  • Jack appeared on the water tower of the Spirit Acre Farms in 2018, sticking his head and arms out of the tower as if he were crawling out.
  • Jack appeared in the top window of the Dead Harvest Farm House in 2018, peering out the window with his head and right arm exposed, along with a ghostly outline of him holding an arrow reading "This way Out" inside the farmhouse leading patrons to the exit of the haunted house, and his head was on the pillars outside of the house.
  • Jack appeared at the helm of the S.S. Rip Tide in 2019, turning the steering wheel side to side while reaching his arm out as if greeting the patrons. He also appeared on two Fright Fisher signs with "Capt. J. Reaper" underneath.
  • Jack appeared hanging out of the round window above the entrance to the Spirit Aquarium, a part of The Reaper's Wharf in 2019.
  • Jack appeared on an opening door sequence in the Spirit Aquarium, a part of The Reaper's Wharf in 2019.
  • Jack's face appeared on the entrance banner, and his whole body loomed in the watchtower in the Reaper's Island Village in 2020.
  • Jack appeared on the side of Reaper's Island Cave in 2020.
  • Jack appears on-top of the archway in the Halloween Factory Assembly Line in 2021.
  • Jack's hands appear on the "Horror" sign above the Factory Showroom.
  • He is rumored to appear as a cameo in the Spirit Halloween movie.



  • Jack has appeared in many themes since 2009. Since 2013, he has appeared in several themes as cardboard cutouts. In 2019, he appeared in the S.S. Rip Tide theme, steering the ship with a moving arm.
  • In 2020, for the first time ever, Jack's first name is used in a theme, called Jack's Cave. However, the official name for the theme is Reaper's Island Cave, but the title "Jack's Cave" is used on the display price sheet.
  • Jack appeared on the Spirit Halloween Chevy.
  • Jack's eye color changed to yellow for a short time, then changed back to red.
  • Near the end of the 2013 Spirit Clown Train video, people believe to think Jack's laugh was heard for the first time ever.
  • His name is a play on words of Jack the Ripper, a mysterious serial killer during the Victorian Eera. This could imply that during his mortal life he was a serial killer.
  • Some fans believe that he is The Harvester of Souls, a animatronic character featured in various displays and themes.
  • He may be a camo in the new Spirit Halloween movie of 2022.