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Don't skimp on family, that's what I always say.
~ Jack Welker's view of family.
You want your money, right? You want to know where it is? You pull that trigger, you'll neve-
~ Jack's last words before Walter White shoots him in the head.

Jack Welker is the final antagonist of Breaking Bad, serving as the main antagonist of the second half of Season 5, and the posthumous overarching antagonist of its sequel movie El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.

He is the leader of the White Supremacist Gang, as well as the uncle of Todd Alquist and a hitman for drug distributor Walter White.

After Walter drops out of the meth business, Jack attempts to replace him by stealing meth lab equipment and having his nephew cook - but to no avail. After Walter demands him to assassinate Jesse Pinkman, his estranged 'business partner', he would have the former working for them as their cook. After "rescuing" Walter by killing Hank Schrader in a desert, Jack takes most of Walt's remaining drug money and kidnaps Jesse as a cook slave. He spared Walt, but the latter ended up being a fugitive. For the past six months, he and Todd have been successful with Lydia Rodarte-Quayle's distribution; that was until all three of them and the whole gang were murdered by Walter as revenge.

He was portrayed by Michael Bowen, who also played Matches Malone in Gotham and Buck in Kill Bill.


Jack Walker is a crass and crude man who will do just about anything for money. He shows sadism and brutality towards his victims and will shown to have little to no limits in his actions. He is deeply egotistical, being angered when Walt calls him a liar and will feel threatened towards anyone bruising his ego.

Jack shows some (if not hypocritical) standards, as he states he hates needless brutality like Gus and Hector and greed, as he gives Walt a barrel of the money he just stop from him. He also despises tattletales, as he wanted to kill Jesse when he learned he ratted Todd out for killing a child.

Despite his heinousness, Jack still loves his nephew Todd, treating like his own son and allowing Jesse to live to simply have Todd be more close to Lydia. It’s also more clear he has care for his other Nazi men, as he is shown laughing and having friendship moments with Kenny and eating out with them.


Jack Welker first appears when his employer, Walter White, requests he arrange the murder of nine prison inmates within a 2 minute window spanning several different prisons - as all the inmates were witnesses to Walt's involvement with drug kingpin Gustavo Fring and the latter's murder. Despite Jack's original skepticism of the plans' success, he accomplishes the task.

Later on, he personally takes part in the murder of New Mexico meth kingpin Declan and his associates at the instruction of criminal fence Lydia Rodarte-Quayle; this was part of Jack's scheme to make his right-hand man and nephew, Todd Alquist, the sole meth cook and to take over Declan's territory. Henceforth Jack later decides to expand his gangand their criminal operations by usurping Walt and taking over his drug empire in an elaborate coup.

Soon enough, Jack and his gang set off to confront Walt in a desert. They arrive just as Walt is about to be arrested by his DEA brother-in-law Hank Schrader and the latter's partner Steven Gomez for his crimes. Once the gang's presence is discovered, a shootout ensues the two federal agents and Jack's gang. In the end the gang prevails as Gomez is killed and Hank is badly wounded. Jack prepares to execute Hank when Walk intervenes by pleading for Hank's life, but Hank shuts him down by stating that Jack has already made up his mind to kill him about 10 minutes ago. Hank then accepts his fate before Jack shoots him in the head, killing Hank in front of a horrified Walt. Shortly afterwards, Jack and his gang proceed to steal most of Walt's fortune and they leave him with only a fraction of what he had accumulated through his vast drug empire. Walt then allows Jack and Todd to take his former partner in the meth operation, Jesse Pinkman, captive by exposing the latter's loocation. Subsuquently Jack and Todd take Jesse as their slave and manage to ensure his cooperation by revealing the extent of their ruthlesness - such as when Todd kills Jesse's ex-girlfriend Andrea in front of him and threatens to do the same to her son should he not fully comply. Jack and Todd then threaten Walt's wife Skyler and their children, Walt. Jr and Holly, should she reveal any information about them or Lydia to the police.

Walt eventually emerges from hiding after being the subject of a nationwide manhunt. He contacts Todd and sets up a meeting with Jack and his gang, seemingly to discuss business. Once Walt is cleared to drive up to their main clubhouse in their hidden compound, Jack greets him inside and reveals that he intends to kill Walt, as he is too much of a liability and of no real use to them. Walt taunts him and accuses him of "partnering" with Jesse to make meth, which angers Jack for this in effect attacking his integrity. Jack then has Todd bring Jesse into the room to show Walt what he has turned Jesse into, essentially a beaten and broken slave. However unbeknownst to Jack, Walt had smuggled in a remote controlled M60 machine gun in the trunk of his car. Walt then proceeds to tackle Jesse to the floor and activate the weapon, which kills all of Jack's gang members and ends up injuring Jack personally.

A mortally-wounded Jack watches in horror as Todd is strangled to death by Jesse moments later. He thereafter attempts to crawl away from the carnage, but Walt intercepts him before picking up a pistol from one of his fallen gang members and aims it at him. Jack begins to plead for his life by attempting to persuade Walt to let him reveal the location of the rest of his money, but Walt ignores him and ends up shooting him in the head mid-sentence, killing Jack and thus avenging Hank's death.


  • He is the second-to-last last person to die onscreen in the Breaking Bad series and the third-to-last death in the series overall (Lydia dies offscreen in the hospital after Walt as seen in El Camino).
  • Jack dies the same way as his victim Hank Schrader, via gunshot to the head mid sentence. However, unlike Hank, who accepted his fate calmly, Jack attempted to to deceive Walt and weasel his way out of being killed.

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