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You may try to achieve that end, Michael LeRoi. But I warn you, you shall not find it a simple task at all. For we are many.
~ John Pierce

John G. Pierce, also knowm as Jack the Ripper or Jack ll, is a legendary serial killer who serves as a major antagonist in the adventure-horror game, Shadow Man.


Jack the Ripper

Based on the real-life serial killer, he met Legion during his time in the sewers beneath London. Legion explains that he needs his help in order to build an Asylum and a machine that will start the apocalypse. Jack quickly accepts and commits suicide in order to go to the Deadside. Legion and Jack together make a group composed of half-demons know as The Five.

Jack ll and Defeat

Years later, Jack returns to Liveside as a powerful half-demon and starts a second killing spree. He was confronted by Shadow Man and loses the battle. He was finally killed by Shadow Man and is never seen again.