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Jackal Squad! Move in for the kill!
~ Infinite ordering his troops to battle.

Jackal Squad are the posthumous overarching antagonists of the 2017 video game Sonic Forces.

They are a group of thieves and mercenaries consisting entirely of anthropomorphic jackals lead by the self-proclaimed "Ultimate Mercenary", Infinite, who would go on to become the sole survivor of the team after they were killed by Shadow the Hedgehog, driving him to obtain the power of the finalized Phantom Ruby prototype and adopt his new, more threatening and sadistic persona.



Not much is known about the Squad's past apart from being a gang of thieves and mercenaries working for money. One day, they decided to raid Dr. Eggman's base in Mystic Jungle and selling off his tech for money. Eggman, who had just discovered the Phantom Ruby, accidentally triggers it, causing it to summon an army of Badnik replicas. With this newfound power, he attempts to defend his base from Jackal Squad, but to no avail. Eventually, their leader manages to reach Eggman and goes to deal the final blow, but then comes into contact with the Ruby which causes him to hallucinate a ruined world where he rules as a despotic overlord. Distracted, he is left vulnerable as Eggman pushes him away to the ground where robots surround him. But rather than eliminate him, Eggman, seeing the potential in him, instead offers him to join him as one of the leaders of the Eggman Army. Although the rest of the Jackals were against this offer, the leader, desiring to make his nightmarish vision a reality, accepts it.

Sonic Forces: Episode Shadow

Eggman becomes so obsessed with studying the Phantom Ruby and it's power that he becomes negligible to create more Badniks to defend his base. Because of this, Eggman hires the rest of Jackal Squad to protect his base while he continues his studies. This attracts the attention of Team Dark, who send Shadow the Hedgehog to raid Eggmans base. When he begins to approach the base's perimeters, he is attacked by most of the Jackal Squad except for their leader, who Shadow plows through, apparently killing them all in the process. Enraged at Shadow for his squad's destruction, the leader attacks Shadow, but is swiftly defeated by the Ultimate Lifeform, who then warns him to never show his face to him again before teleporting away. After his defeat and and realization of his own fear of Shadow, his inferiority complex is triggered causing him to have a meltdown.

With the tests completed, Eggman gives a modified copy of the Phantom Ruby to the now sole Jackal, granting him ultimate power. He then dons a mask to hide his face and abandons his old identity and takes up the name "Infinite" to symbolize his new self.


  • According to Deviantartist Nibroc-Rock, Adam Bryce Thomas, the lineartist for the official Sonic Forces digital comics, had approved the names Uno, Deux, Quatre and Trois for four members of the Jackal Squad, while the silhouetted ones were named Cinq and Sei.[1][2]



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