~ Jackall's transformation call.

Jackall is a mercenary working for Neo Descal and an antagonist in the second third of Chousei Kantai Sazer-X.


Jackall was originally a friend of Commander Shark who fought alongside him against Neo Descal. However, after being left in stasis by Shark, Jackall believed Shark had betrayed him even though Shark did it to protect him from Neo Descal.

Seeking to get revenge on Shark, Jackall became a mercenary and started working for Neo Descal. He appeared in the future soon after Garade and Grouza arrived there to spearhead the Descal invasion of Earth.

Jackall fought Shark frequently, even disobeying orders to continue pursuing his vendetta. Despite his continued failures to defeat Shark, Jackall refused to give up and did not relent in his quest for revenge. Eventually, Jackall died after suffering several fatal injuries in battle. His death served as a lesson to Blaird about the consequences of letting yourself be consumed by hatred.

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