For the 2011 incarnation, please see Kaynar.

Jackalman was a Mutant from the planet Plunn-Darr in the 1985 Thundercats series.

Jackalman was one of the three original Mutants to pursue the last surviving Thundercat ship to Third Earth. Shortly after arriving Jackalman and the other Mutants were forced by Mumm-Ra to ally with him to defeat the Thundercats and help Mumm-Ra claim the Sword of Omens for himself.

Jackalman was noted for being something of a coward. Whenever Slithe proposed an attack, Jackalman could be counted on to immediately question if it was wise. Jackalman was a cautious Mutant who had no problem staying behind if he thought a plan was too risky. Normally a loyal henchman, Jackalman had no problems betraying the other Mutants or going rogue if he thought a course of action would increase his power. Additionally Jackalman was noted for having a somewhat snide sense of humor.

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