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Jackie Oakes is the founder and promoter of the Global Wrestling Association and a villain in the animated TV show Kim Possible. Wanting to


become a wrestler himself, he stole mystical Egyptian artifacts and allowed the spirit of Anubis to possess him. This transformed him into a super-strong creature that he called "The Jackal".

He was voiced by Bill Barretta, who also performs Pepe the King Prawn, Johnny Fiama, Rowlf the Dog, Dr. Teeth, Big Mean Carl and many other characters in The Muppets.


Jackie was a very short but slightly muscular man with brown hair.


As a successful promoter, Jackie was always on the lookout for new talent to recruit. However, his true passion was to become a wrestler himself, and he was willing to go to any means to realize this dream, including becoming a criminal.


Originally a promoter for the GWA, a highly popular traveling wrestling show, Jackie Oakes tired of selling fights and wanted to be in one. However, with his short stature, he was denied the action and respect he wanted. He stole some ancient Egyptian artifacts from museums in towns on tour with the wrestlers, namely a talisman and the ancient papyrus that contain the spell to activate the power of the talisman, which allowed him to be possessed by the spirit of Anubis. This transformed him into a powerful jackal-human hybrid, which he intended to use in the ring in order to become a successful wrestler. But even with the power of Anubis, Jackie was brought down with the combined efforts of Kim, Ron, Steel Toe, Pain King, and Rufus.


While possessed by the spirit of Anubis, Jackie was nearly unstoppable. It empowered his body, making him capable of great feats strength and agility, as well as control over elements and mystical energies. He also had the ability to grow in size, up to at least over 10 feet in height. The main weakness of this form was that it had to stay in constant contact with the talisman, as separation instantly returned Jackie to his human form.


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