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NOTE: This article is about the demoness that possessed Jackie Veda and assimilated her identity. The heroine she possessed can be found here: Jackie Veda.

It means letting go of any preconceptions, embracing your impulses, throwing away your 'I need to be the Tyler everyone else wants me to be' and just following your desires. We could be so happy together, Tyler. Don't you want that?
~ Jackie Veda to Tyler Locke after he catches her in private.

Jackie Veda's Demon is a minor antagonist in the the second season of Locke & Key. She possessed a charming yet vulnerable teenager after Dodge apprehended the latter in the cafeteria with the Demon Key in her fist. She was ultimately ripped out of Jackie's body by force when Tyler Locke invented the Alpha Key, leaving her fate unknown.

She was portrayed by Genevieve Kang in her first villainous role.


We can still be together; you just need to let me in.
~ Jackie Veda trying to reason with Tyler Locke.

This demoness dwelt in a blue dimension until Dodge completed the Demon Key and inserted it into the backside of a teenager named Jackie Veda, causing the demon to beam onto Jackie Veda and possess her, much to the horror of Logan Calloway, who Dodge had to incapacitate. After she failed to get to a Matchstick Key-wielding Tyler, Dodge led her to a cliffside residence where she and the other shadows had made as headquarters. Later on, she passed the Demon Key to Dodge just as Tyler arrived, having successfully forged the Alpha Key. He beckoned her outside and got close to her so the two could speak in private under the pretense of wanting to join the demons. Jackie tried to reason with him, but it was clear Tyler had lost himself to teenage prejudices. He used the Alpha Key to split the demoness from Jackie's soul, making her screech in agony as her astral figure was pushed back and leaving her fate a mystery. Moments later, the demoness' former host body perished in the arms of their assailant.


Jackie Veda's demonic possessor is a reticent enforcer and a woman of few words, and while her loyalty to Dodge and her benevolent cause is not questionable, she is even more loyal to Tyler Locke, as he had dated her host body and she likewise appreciated him romantically. Ultimately, her undoing was overestimating a well-meaning yet self-serving teenager's ability to see reason.


  • Dodge - mistress
  • Tyler Locke - ex-lover and assailant
  • Logan Calloway - enemy


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