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Jackie Wilson is a recurring character in The Amazing World of Gumball. She is the mother of Tobias Wilson and Rachel, and the wife of Harold Wilson. She has made numerous cameos throughout the series. Her first major role was in "The Mothers." where she and Tobias do cheating to win the competition, they are discovered when Jackie drinks a bottle of hot sauce and Gumball impreseed test the sauce and discover that is ketchup, and Gumball points out to Tobias and his mother that they were cheating all this time, and were disqualified. Tobias even rips his Mother’s Day card and glares at his mother in disappointment.

In the episode, “The Pizza”, while the Wattersons were searching for Larry to apologize to him in an apocalyptic town of Elmore, Jackie is one of the twisted citizens that prepare to attack the Wattersons, but was quickly defeated by Nicole.



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