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Jackknife is a major antagonist in the 2007 American adult-animated series Superjail!.

He was voiced by the series' creator Kristy Karacas, though he never actually speaks a word of English, communicating only through grunts and screams.



Jackknife appears to have gotten his criminal ways from his father who is also shown to have had a total disrespect for others' lives. This included his own son's happiness which was displayed in the form of him selling his toys in order to get booze. The recollection of this memory causes Jackknife so much pain that he sobs at the thought, and pushes a boy away from his toys so he can play with them.


In the show's present Jackknife is a low-level criminal who appears in the openings of most episodes committing crimes before getting captured and beaten up by Jailbot, where his subsequent journey back to Superjail makes up the opening credits sequence. He is often seen escaping the jail during the murder sequences in the first season and periodically throughout the next two seasons. He never speaks and communicates only by way of animalistic grunts and shrieks.

Jared has labeled him to be Superjail's most vile inmate due to his upbringing and near lack of any form of morality. In the episode Oedipus Mess, Jackknife is revealed to have fathered a son with one of Ultra-Prison's inmates. Having recognized the child as his, Jackknife escaped while the Warden created 10,000 clones of Jackknife that run amok worldwide until all but the original are killed off.


Jackknife is depicted as a violent, greedy, short-tempered and misogynistic low-level criminal and pervert with a lack of apparent morals, judgment and sophistication. His various poorly planned criminal activities are seen at the beginning of each episode and inevitably end up drawing Jailbot's attention and getting Jackknife severely beaten and hauled back to Superjail.

Despite this however, Jackknife has still been able to not only survive all of the riots and massive chaotic events that happen in Superjail but also escape several times with ease whereas only a handful of other inmates have been able to do this, showing that Jackknife is a gifted criminal.

Although his criminal nature is generally a constant, in the episode "Oedipus Mess", the Doctor states that he has "a microscopic quotient of selfless love". This is later showcased when, in the same episode, Jackknife presumably crafted a hanging mobile for his genetic son and taught him to tunnel through walls.


Season One

Bunny Love

  • Male Civilian - Ran over by Jackknife.
    • Total - 1

Ladies Night

  • Female Civilian - Beaten to death off-screen by Jackknife, body shown later.
  • Male Civilian - Accidentally hit in the face with a swinging door by Jackknife.
  • Superjail Inmate - Stabbed in the eye with a fork by Jackknife.
    • Total - 3

Season Two

Best Friends Forever

  • Unnamed Man - Face scratched off with a giant coin by Jackknife.
  • Unnamed Convenience Store Clerk - Impaled through the face with a giant coin by Jackknife.
    • Total - 2


  • Unnamed Civilian - Accidentally crushed with a door by Jackknife.
    • Total - 1

Gay Wedding

  • Unnamed Man - Kicked into Niagara Falls by Jackknife.
  • Unnamed Woman - Kicked into Niagara Falls by Jackknife.
  • Unnamed Child - Pushed into Niagara Falls by Jackknife.
  • Chihuahua - Accidentally hanged by his leash after being kicked by Jackknife.
  • Total - 4


  • Superjail Inmate - Stabbed to death by Jackknife, ghost shown.
    • Total - 1

Season Three


  • Male Civilian - Accidentally smashed through a glass display case by Jackknife after being punched backwards by an unnamed woman.
  • Two Civilians - Impaled and decapitated with several knives after Jackknife crashed onto their table.
    • Total - 3

Oedipus Mess

  • Civilian - Kidnapped by Jackknife while they were in the middle of surgery, quickly bleeding to death.
  • Civilian - Ran over with a gurney by Jackknife.
    • Total - 2

Planet Radio

  • Giant Broccoli Monster Actor - Impaled on prop buildings after being kicked by Jackknife.
  • Security Guard - Impaled through the skull on prop buildings after being kicked by Jackknife.
  • Camera Worker - Crushed underneath a studio camera knocked over by Jackknife.
    • Total - 3

Burn Stoolie Burn

  • Unnamed Firefighter - Punched off of a ladder by Jackknife so he would fall to his death.
    • Total - 1


  • Total - 21
    • 20 Humans
      • 19 Civilians
      • 1 Superjail Inmate
    • 1 Animal



  • In the season 3 premiere Stingstress a female version of Jackknife is seen causing chaos at a male strip club before being hauled to the UltraPrison, implying that he has a sister or a wife.
  • Although it looked like that Jackknife was killed by Hunter in the episode "Hotchick", it is possible that the victim in question was actually a similar-looking inmate. This is because the victim's hair was down instead of straight up and the camera angle may have zoomed into Jackknife to confuse viewers.
  • In contrast to most episodes, he is not seen escaping in "Combaticus", "Don't Be a Negaton", "Dream Machine" and "Mayhem Donor".
  • In the episode "Ghosts", Jackknife is seen making up with his father (suggesting that he has since passed) before they started to attack each other. Back in the space between crossing over they can still be seen fighting by stabbing each other. This marks the first time Jackknife has actually died even though he was still technically alive because he is not actually seen dead as a corpse.
  • Jackknife's prisoner ID in his first appearance is "52A2L20RE".
  • The only episode Jackknife never appears in is the season two episode "The Budding of the Warbuxx".
  • During the early stages of development for Superjail!, the little girl from the episode "Cancer" was planned to eventually be revealed to be Jackknife's daughter. One of Adult Swim's "Bumps" even shows artwork of them together.

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