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Jackson "JB" Bogatsu is the male central character and protagonistic anti-hero/anti-villain of the South African homegrown drama TV show Rockville.

He is initially introduced as the main antagonists of the first few episodes of Rockville but has proven to be anti-hero as the policemen, Mike is the main antagonist of the first season of Rockville.

Jackson is a pimp who owns an escort service and names the prostitutes, Black Diamonds. On top of the escort service is a high-class cigar lounge called Club Venus, where the rich and powerful do their stuff and look for Black Diamonds.

He lives with his wife, Dudu and his two attractive yet conflicting spoilt daughters, Mpho and Nosipho Bogatsu.


JB has a sister named Tumi and their father, Cassius, abandoned them yet only visited them when he would bring them gifts. JB then ran away from home.

JB was a man who was in the prostitution business but started out as being poor and Frankie, a female pimp and nightclub owner offered to let him take her position when she is arrested for tax evasion.

However, he is arrested and put in jail for 5 years and he saved a homosexual named Sipho from a group of thugs who were gang raping him and as a result, JB and Sipho become friends,

As Sipho got out of jail the same time as JB, JB hired him as the manager for Club Venus. As a result, JB became the pimp of Club Venus

Throughout Rockville

We are shown that JB lives in Johannesburg in Gauteng South Africa. He lives in the Waterfall Estate, in a high-class suburb, with his wife Dudu and his "Daddy's Girl" daughter, Mpho. JB is also a pimp and a cigar lounge owner. Minister Mabaso then tells JB that he wants a black diamond prostitute. JB escorts him to his underground brothel and the top Black Diamond prostitute is the Queen Of Bling, Vicki Mafakeng, who sells sexual services to Minister Mabaso.

JB then checks up on his fellow prosties and finds one of them has a bruise, which is from her boyfriend, whom she naively loves. JB tells her to break up with him. She quits, thanks to the boyfriend and the boyfriend holds JB at gunpoint and wants money. JB only for him to punch the guy and disarmed him and had him kicked out. As a result, Judy, the brothel's manager, tells JB that they need more girls and when he notices Lindi Mabaso (the female protagonist) working, she notices him and JB sees her as a girl that he can sell money off of.

JB's other daughter, Nosipho has dropped out of school.