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Jackson Chappell is a minor antagonist in Batman Beyond. He is Bane's caretaker who abused his power and used Bane’s Venom to create slappers. He attempted to target slappers towards kids despite the side-effects, but was defeated by Terry McGinnis.

He was voiced by Larry Drake.


Jackson Chappell is the caretaker of the once powerful and brutal mercenary known as Bane, who suffered a severe accident involving the drug venom, and is now wheelchair-bound and hooked to a life-support machine. Bane trusted Chappell with his secret recipe for Venom, but Chappell had other ideas, using the recipe to create slappers, an easier to use alternative to venom. His plan was to get rich off slappers by selling them to kids, but Batman, now Terry McGuiness, found out about this and had to put a stop to it. He managed to track down Chappell and engage him in a fight. Chappell almost managed to defeat him, but suffered a server slappers overdose that left him in a vegetative coma. His fate remains unknown when he was rushed to a nearby hospital.


Jackson Chappell is a brutal and ruthless criminal who will do any heinous act to get his way. Unlike Bane, who was very smart, Chapple was not smart with his usage of slappers.


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