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Jacob Hay is a fictional character and supporting antagonist of the long-running British soap opera Coronation Street. He only appeared as a minor antagonist in 2021.

He was portrayed by Jack James Ryan.


Jacob Hay first came to Weatherfield in 2021 and appeared to be friends with local resident Simon Barlow. However, he turned out to be a drug dealer who begins to sway Simon into taking part in his gang activities. He also tricks Simon into believing that he owed a serious debt to Jacob's drug lord Harvey Gaskell.

As time goes on, Simon's mother Leanne Battersby begins to grow concerned over Simon's friendship with Jacob and confronts them about it. Jacob then proceeds to disrespect Leanne and also disregard a warning from Simon's stepmother, Carla Connor, to stay away from Simon. Soon enough, Jacob forces Simon to dismiss his girlfriend Kelly Neelan for attempting to stand up to him. Later on, Jacob gets Simon to kidnap and threaten one of his enemies that is soon witnessed by Simon's half-brother Sam Blakeman.

In response to learning about Sam's knowledge of his gang activities, Jacob demands Simon to prevent Sam from ratting out their secret. Simon does manage stop Sam from telling their respective fathers Nick Tilsley and Peter Barlow, but soon ends up getting involved in Jacob's plan to overthrow Harvey and takeover his drug-dealing empire. However, this fails when Harvey himself confronts Simon and reveals that he dealt with Jacob - presumably killing him in the end.



  • He made a total of 19 appearances throughout his time on the show.