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It's Jacob's job to be pissed. It's our job to keep Jacob from getting pissed.
~ Dylan Stone on Hendricks.
You never stopped, did you? All the death, all the failure - you just moved the whole damn project here! The same set up. The same human experiments. The same risks... and you started the whole thing over again!
~ Hendricks to Krueger while holding him at gunpoint.

Commander Jacob Hendricks is the deuteragonist and later a major antagonist in the 2015 video game Call of Duty: Black Ops III as well as a major character in the prequel comic of the same name.

He was originally a cybernetic soldier and commander for the Black Ops Division of the Winslow Accord and lead the Black Ops team Phi, until Dylan Stone, Alice Conrad, Joseph Fierro, and Javier Ramirez defected to the Common Defense Pact and leaked information to the Common Defense Pact and its allies, compromising WA operations worldwide making Stone and his allies wanted worldwide. 

He would later be transferred over to a hostage rescue unit where he met the Player, the unnamed protagonist of the game. He was friends with John Taylor, another WA Operative as well, but he was later infected by Corvus, a rogue sentient AI program, and turned into the climactic and final antagonist of the game where he wrecked havoc upon the world as a means of locating the Frozen Forest.

He was voiced by Sean Douglas in motion capture.



Jacob Hendricks was born on April 14, 2027 in Clarksburg, West Virginia. He graduated high school valedictorian in 2045, and later attended and graduated from West Point Military Academy LT2 in 2049. He was later recruited into the United States Army 1st Special Forces Group, which was headquartered in Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington state.

In 2056, Hendricks was promoted to Major and was assigned as Company Commander of his Special Forces Detachment -B. He was later promoted again and transferred over to the Winslow Accord Special Forces and was assigned to Team Phi and acted as the commander of the unit. There, he met John Taylor, Dylan Stone, Alice Conrad, Joseph Fierro, Hussein Patel, and Eamon Xu who were all placed under his direct command.

Leader of Team Phi

From 2056 to 2064, Hendricks had led numerous successful wetworks operations around the world such as the assassinations of Timur Abulayev in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and Maxim Chernakov in Helsinki, Finland. During that time, Hendricks had gained a reputation for being very ill-tempered and strict among his teammates, but was an effective leader regardless and was even protective of the soldiers under his command despite his short fuse. Hendricks and his team later stopped Russian agents Mokrie Baba and Krasney Baba, and worked with his team for five years.

Manhunt for Dylan Stone

In 2064, Hendricks and Taylor were sent into Singapore by the CIA to investigate a mysterious shutdown of a black station station, and met with their handler Rachel Kane. After eliminating 45 Immortals forces in the area, the group found the station abandoned and the staff slaughtered, and the station's data drives stolen. According to Kane, the last people to check the station was Dylan Stone and his team - Conrad, Ramirez and Fierro. Kane theorized that Stone and his team could be behind the station's killing, but Hendricks blamed the 54 Immortals and denied her statement.

Hendricks and Taylor later posed as arms dealers to infiltrate the 54 Immortals after some of the data drives' intel was leaked to them. The two were compromised by Goh Min and Goh Xiulan, leaders of the Immortals, and during a firefight, killed Min. Hendricks and Taylor managed to retrieve the stolen data, and the footage showed Stone and his team were responsible for the slaughter of the black station staff. Hendricks was still in denial, and believed that the footage was faked and somebody was framing Stone and his team. Hendricks and Taylor were later sent to the last operation before he reported to the black station, which was the abandoned Coalescence facility where the Singapore disaster occurred.

Going to the heart of the quarantine zone, Hendricks and Taylor fought 54 Immortals forces, and went down into the abandoned facility. The two found out about a CIA black project called SP/CORVUS, which was used to experiment on human test subjects, and realized that Stone and his team accidentally discovered this after responding to an alert signal. There was also evidence that the black project caused the Singapore disaster that 300,000 people years ago, and led to the 54 Immortals taking over the area. Going deeper into the facility, Hendricks and Taylor found Ramirez in the sever room, as he was in the process of leaking more classified information to his allies. After questioning him about Stone's motives, the two learned that Stone was using the data drives as a bargaining chip to leave Singapore. In addition, Ramirez revealed that Stone was headed to Egypt to find Dr. Yousef Salim, a psychotherapist who was part of the black project.

Hendricks and Taylor killed Ramirez for his betrayal, and Goh Xiulan ordered her men to flood the facility to kill the operatives for killing her brother, and cutting off her hand. Hendricks and Taylor managed to escape the facility, but the facility and the black project evidence was destroyed in the process. The information leaked allowed the Immortals to target the CIA's local safe house in Singapore, leading to Xiulan to slaughter countless civilians in an act of vengeance. Taylor decided to save Kane from Xiulan despite Hendricks' objections, and the two fought 54 Immortals forces to get to the safe house. Taylor saved Kane and killed Xiulan, and the group were forced to work blind without the Winslow Accord, due to leaked information.

The group arrived in Egypt and met with the Egyptian Army to capture Dr. Salim before Stone and his team could, and talked to the doctor at Ramses Station. Stone, however, made an alliance with the Nile River Coalition, and gave them information on a weakness at Ramses Station for them to attack the Egyptian Army. After interrogating Salim, Hendricks and Taylor supported the Egyptian Army in the NRC's assault, but realized that Stone used the attack as a distraction to capture Dr. Salim. After stopping the NRC, Taylor revealed to Hendricks and Egyptian Army Lieutenant Zeyad Khalil that he placed a tracking device onto Salim, allowing them to track his and Stone's location. Hendricks was angry at Taylor, feeling that he and Kane were plotting behind his back, and expressed his frustrations with their mission.

The team tracked Salim's location to Kebechet, but Stone had executed Salim and had Conrad stay behind to stall Hendricks. Taylor interrogated Conrad, who revealed that Stone and Fierro were going to the Cairo Aquifers, and that Stone intended to capture Sebastian Krueger, who was the head of the SP/CORVUS black project. Stone wanted to find Krueger, and hold him accountable for his crimes for experimenting on humans, and covering up the Singapore disaster. After learning this information, Taylor executed Conrad, much to Hendricks' dismay for killing one of their former teammates.

Hendricks, Taylor, Kane and Khalil then traveled to the aquifers to confront Stone Fierro, but Stone managed to escape. While confronting Fierro, Hendricks promised Joseph that he would secure him, and would "guarantee his safety" if he surrendered. Taylor killed him, causing Hendricks to argue about helping the CIA cover up their crimes, and accused John of being romantically involved with Kane. After the mission, Hendricks filed a report on Taylor, criticizing his unprofessional relationship with Kane, which was later revealed by Taylor in his report to be true.

The Egyptian Army eventually tracked Stone's location to the Lotus Towers, as he allied with the NRC to protect at their stronghold. With Khalil's help, Hendricks and Taylor inspired a uprising by killing General Abasi Hakim, and used the civilian uprising as a distraction to capture Stone. During the uprising, Khalil was captured by the NRC, and Hendricks and Taylor chased Stone to the roof of the towers. Taylor attempted to kill Stone, and was crippled and injured by Dylan, but Stone was killed by Hendricks at the last second.


The leaks that revealed the black project were claimed to be Common Defense Pact propaganda, and the CIA got away with their crimes. Hendricks and Taylor were the only surviving members of team Phi, which was dissolved after the deaths of Stone, Fierro, Conrad and Ramirez. The stress of the mission and feeling guilty for stopping the CIA from being exposed, Hendricks resigned from wet works and requested to work on hostage rescue. Hendricks became the leader of a hostage rescue unit, and met the recruits which were code named "Alpha", and met the Player.

Taylor was accepted into Project Prometheus, and received cybernetic augmentations and a direct neural interface to heal his injuries. Taylor later became the commander of a "cyber soldier" unit, which consisted of specialists Sarah Hall, Sebastian Diaz and Peter Maretti. Additionally, Kane ended her relationship with Taylor, due to him deciding to get augmentations to continue to serve the Winslow Accord. Kane gave him her bandanna as a memento to remember their relationship, and retain his humanity.

Rescuing Minister Said

This is Egyptian Minister Said - taken hostage by NRC forces two days ago. After the uprisings in Cairo, they may want to make an example of him. Punish him. We're not going to let that happen. Just so we're clear - If this goes wrong? You never existed.
~ Hendricks to the Player on their operation.

In 2065, Hendricks and his team took part in a joint operation with Taylor's cyber ops team to rescue Egyptian Minister Said, as he was captured by the NRC and taken a base in Ethiopia. The team disguised themselves as air traffic control operators, and Hendricks ordered the Player to shoot down an NRC aircraft with the D.E.A.D. system. While looking for the minister on cameras, Hendricks and the Player saw that there were prisoners, and informed Taylor, who responded that Said was their priority. After defeating a group of NRC soldiers, Hendricks and the Player rescue Said, who told Hendricks that they needed to rescue Khalil, as the NRC will make an example of him for being a hero of the Cairo uprising.

Hendricks and the Player rescue Khalil, and after the NRC are alerted to their presence, the group battle against NRC forces. The group then rendezvoused with Taylor, and Hendricks saw Taylor and his team use their augmentations, and had a brief conversation with John. Hendricks and the group were supported by Taylor and his team to extract the minister, and managed to get to vehicles upon being confronted by an army of GI unit robots. Hendricks demanded that Taylor should rescue the other prisoners, and managed to convince after asking if his augmentations caused him to lose his humanity.

The group headed to extraction and held off masses of NRC forces, but Hendricks, Khalil and Said managed to be safely be rescued as the Player and the recruits were left behind. The Player was then torn apart by a robot, but were rescued by Taylor at the last second.

Taylor's Infection

Taylor recommended the Player for Project Prometheus, where they were taken to a hospital in Zürich to receive augmentations and a direct neural interface. Hendricks decided to get augmentations himself possibly out of jealousy of Taylor's augmentations, and feeling guilty for the Player's injuries. During the limb replacement procedure, the Player died due to life support failure, and its implied that Sebastian Krueger did so after not being happy with the patient's talent after speaking with Taylor. In the dream sequence state, the Player survived the operation, and caused Corvus to reborn in their DNI, and transfer itself into Taylor's DNI due to John interfacing with the Player.

Corvus scoured Taylor's mind, and found his memories of the manhunt for Dylan Stone, and saw an opportunity to learn it's origin and creation since Taylor discovered the SP/CORVUS project. It infected Taylor and was able to spread into other DNI users, Diaz, Hall and Maretti, and used the Player to learn of its creation. Though Hendricks received augmentations, he appeared to not have received a DNI, since he wasn't recommended for Project Prometheus, but was still used by Corvus in the simulation since he participated in the manhunt.


Imagine yourself in a Frozen Forest.
~ Simulated Hendricks to the Player, after killing Taylor and Corvus taking control of him.

Due to being reborn in the Player's DNI, Corvus created a physical immersion of Taylor's memories to learn of his creation. Corvus had the Player replace Taylor, and had Taylor and his team replace Stone and his team during the manhunt. The Player wasn't aware of the simulation, and participated in the manhunt with a simulated built Hendricks, who had augmentations and a direct neural interface. Corvus also tried to keep the Player from knowing of its existence or that they were in a simulation, as shown with it trying to to stop the Player in "Demon Within". This wasn't entirely impossible for Corvus to do, as the Player was slowly gaining control of Taylor's body during the course of the game.

In the abandoned Singapore facility, Hendricks interfaced with a Corvus infected Diaz after the Player defeated him, and became infected himself. During the course of their next events, the simulated Hendricks became slowly infected with Corvus, showing hostility, aggression and paranoia due to the infection. By "Lotus Towers", Hendricks is taken over by Corvus due to the Player having reached the end of the manhunt, and the simulated Taylor having ripped out his DNI to stop Corvus from spreading. Hendricks executed Taylor, and left the injured Player to confront Sebastian Kruger at the Coalescence headquarters.


Yeah... that's right brother. You still in there, John? Do you hear me?
~ Hendricks to Taylor, who is suffering from the DNI infection.

In reality, Hendricks and Kane witnessed Taylor and the others lose their sanity due to the infection. It also appears that Taylor, Hall, Diaz and Maretti spoke of trying to find the Frozen Forest, which was a phrase used by Dr. Salim to comfort the test subjects. Due to him not having a DNI, Hendricks didn't understand what they were talking about, and tried to get through him, to no avail. As the Player continued the immersion, Diaz, Hall and Maretti died from the infection as they died in the simulation of the manhunt.

The events that happen in reality appear to have bleed through the Player's simulation, as shown in "Lotus Towers" with Hendricks and Taylor's conversation. In the mission, Hendricks ask John if he's still in there, and John speaks to him before losing control to the Player (as shown with Taylor's eyes glowing), as they are seen shaking their head as if they were in a dream.

Betrayal and Death

This is where we say goodbye. I can't do it anymore. The madness has to stop. For all the good we do, I just can't see things in simple black and white anymore. There has to be another way. Maybe this technology can change things. Maybe you can change things... You just need to wake up.
~ Hendricks in the opening cinematic of "Life".

Hendricks started to feel betrayed by the CIA for their crimes, and felt remorse for not only losing the Player, but also seeing his friend lose himself due to augmentations. Having sympathized with Stone's beliefs regarding the black project, Hendricks launched a terrorist attack on the Coalescence Corporation headquarters to confront Krueger.

Hendricks slaughtered the staff and held Krueger at gunpoint, and had the robots (with the aid of Corvus) attack Zürich's security force, who were being slaughtered. Hendricks berated Krueger for continuing unethical DNI experiments despite the costly failures of doing, but was interrupted by Player, who was physically controlling Taylor's body. In a moment of panic, Hendricks shot Krueger, and was then shot by the Player, who decided to commit suicide to end Corvus' infection.

The Frozen Forest

I can't do this anymore. You're going down a path that I can't follow. This is as far as I go...
~ "Hendricks's" final words to the Player.

In the Frozen Forest, Corvus used a fake Hendricks in an attempt to manipulate and coerce the Player into staying in the forest forever. The Player refused, seeing through Corvus' tricks, and "Hendricks" told the Player that they were going down a path he couldn't' follow. "Hendricks' proceeded to leave, but the Player responded that they lost Hendricks a long time ago. The Player and Taylor then proceeded to wipe Taylor's DNI of Corvus, and this caused the eradication of any memory of Hendricks, Kane and the others.


My name is Jacob Hendricks. I'm your new C.O.
~ Hendricks to the Player, in the opening of Black Ops III.
You too, John. You look... Look different. Still seeing Rachel?
~ Hendricks to Taylor in Ethiopia.
They may not be a mission priority, but they're still people dammit! ...Or have you changed so much that you've forgotten what that feels like?
~ Hendricks to Taylor on saving the other prisoners.
No! Wait! No! No! No! Fuck! Get to the APC! Get outta there! Taylor, my team's still at exfill! More NRC grunts moving in!
~ Hendricks to Taylor on the Player and his men being left behind.
Yeah, but in all honesty - you have to know what a dumb question that is. Course this was Taylor's work. CIA brought them here because these f***ing goon where sniffing around.
~ Hendricks to Kane in the simulation of "Hypocenter".
Hey, you know what they say about starring into the abyss? Let's go.
~ Hendricks to the Player.
I don't think you know! This is someone I know, someone I fought alongside... he shouldn't go out like this..
~ Hendricks to Kane on interfacing with Diaz.
Hey... You still with us?
~ Hendricks to the Player in "Rise and Fall" and "Life".
What is... the Frozen Forest!
~ Hendricks to Dr. Salim.
Watch your step in there. This bucket is hanging by a thread.
~ Hendricks to the Player in "Rise and Fall".
So this is what we do now? Kill our own because they blew open a conspiracy in our own backyard?
~ Hendricks to the Player before they interface with Hall.
If what you told me is true - the two of us are hours away from going as bat-shit crazy as he is.
~ Hendricks in the opening cinematic of "Lotus Towers".
Safe? What the fuck is safe? John! John don't go! What is a frozen forest?
~ Hendricks to Taylor.
Not good enough. I'll find out for myself.
~ Hendricks' last words, moments before killing Krueger.
It's not like that. It's not like that at all. The Artificial Intelligence - Let's call it "Corvus" - after its place of birth. It wants to help us.
~ "Hendricks" to the Player.
The Frozen Forest. It's real... and it's what comes next.
~ "Hendricks" to the Player.



  • His signature weapon is the KN44 assault rifle.
  • Hendricks is the second villain in the Call of Duty series to be brainwashed, following Gabriel T. Rorke.
    • Unlike Rorke (who survived at the very end of Call of Duty: Ghosts), Hendricks is killed.
  • It's theorized that Hendricks didn't receive a direct neural interface, and that Corvus created a simulated "Hendricks" in the Frozen Forest to coerce the Player.
    • This theory is somewhat proven by the fact that DNI users Diaz, Hall and Maretti don't physically appear in the Frozen Forest, and are only heard. "Hendricks" only appears to manipulate the Player into staying in the Frozen Forest forever by Corvus.
    • However, the only other person to appear in the forest is Sebastian Krueger, which can debunk the theory, alongside the fact that Hendricks references Corvus in the opening cinematic of "Life".

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