Jacob Lessio is an antagonist in Fairy Tail. He is a member of Spriggan 12.

He is voiced by Makoto Tamura in the Japanese and Bryan Massey in the English version of the anime.


He along with God Serena and August destroys Bosco. When God Serena fights the four Wizard Saints he tries to help him, but is stopped by August.

When Acnologia killed God Serena after the latter defeated the Wizard Saints he tries to avenge his fallen comrade, but is stopped by August again. Then he invades Fairy Tail, teleports the majority away and tortures Mavis and is stopped by Lucy and later Natsu who he begins to fight.

After he frees two of his comrades, Lucy uses this opportunity to free the Fairy Tail members. He is then sent flying by Makarov who throws Natsu to him to defeat him. It was later revealed he was imprisoned in Fairy Tail's headquarters.

He later appears during the meeting of the Spriggan 12 outside of the captured Fairy Tail Guild hall. Later he tries to beam Team Natsu away, but is distracted by Mirajane, who tries to fight him. After a long battle Jacob is defeated by Mirajane and taken prisoner again, but it was later shown he didn't stay imprisoned.

A year later, he became Ajeel's helper in the Alvarez Empire.


  • He looks similar to Jason Statham. Mashima even stated that Jacob is based on the actor. Adding to this, he speaks with a Cockney accent in the English dub.
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