Jacque de la Morte is a primary villain from the TimeSplitters 2 video game. He appears in the mission 1895 Notre Dame Cathedral.


A psychopathic murderer, Jacque de la Morte's mind has been twisted by visions of "angels". Now he teeters on the brink of complete insanity.

Jacque led a cult of dark priests. They sacrificed their souls in exchange for immortality. They became part of Jacque's elite army of undead followers. Jacque also raised corpses in the Notre Dame cathedral. They became part of his undead followers.


Jacque de la Morte has delusional visions of what he thinks are angels. He sacrifices innocent maidens to appease the angels who he believes are true. This tradition eventually attracts evil spirits. It also attracts the attention of detective Mister Underwood and humanitarian Viola. They find him in the Notre Dame cathedral where his dark rituals take place. His current sacrifice is interrupted when all of the maidens are rescued by Underwood, Viola, and the cathedral's Hunchback. Jacque is forced to escape by going to the roof where he uses his remaining power to summon zombies. They are destroyed before Viola manages to kill Jacque by using a shotgun.


TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

Jacque de la Morte returns in the sequel TimeSplitters: Future Perfect. Unlike TimeSplitters 2, he doesn't have a role in game's plot. Instead, he is a part of Arcade mode.

Arcade Mode

Rockets 101 - One of numerous targets intended to be shot by the player with a rocket.

Vamping in Venice - Part of a death match between the player and several undead characters.

Zany Zeppelin - Involved in a battle for points against the player and other opponents.


Jacque de la Morte is pronounced as Jh-awk-do-la-Mort. It is a French term which means "John of the the Dead". In the French version of TimeSpltters 2, his name is Jacques la Mort (Jh-awk-la-More). This is another French term but it means "James the Dead".