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Jacqueline is the main antagonist in the 2010 direct-to-DVD animated Barbie film, Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale. She is an fashion designer who served as the owner of Jacqueline's.

She is voiced by Alexa Devine.


During living in France, Paris, Jacqueline is encountered by Barbie, a young woman who aims to traveling in helps to finding her aunt, Millicent. She initial from working together with her assistant, Delphine so ideally by they are enters the fashion house unqualified about their feeling into taking Millicent's designs before dealing to job. Upon Barbie arrival on the fashion shop, Jacqueline's, Jacqueline will handshake with her as Delphine meets Sequin, Barbie's loyal poodle. She was dislikes Millicent at first as she makes her life disapproved, in gets along to contract with her by well.

Learning at which lack out of her wedge its matter of the fact, Jacqueline turned on her plans attempted pertaining ruining Millicent's, while Millicent then abort on her designs but making keep wariness income the fortunes, much to nothing had bums out, she abase her instead. By that time to coming into Millicent's, Barbie quicken to worked with Marie-Alecia, her aunt assistant who likes designing all the costumes with using common speech, in there they also helps the three flairies brighten up the fashion designs with magical powers, protect the fashion shop from being stolen out.

After mention that the flairies lights Marie-Alecia's shine dress, Jacqueline sneak climb into on Millicent's together with Delphine be over hacking stealing all of everything as they leaving Jacqueline's, and they knows that Millicent was becomes more famous likes Barbie. When Barbie and Marie-Alecia went to buying the textiles, Jacqueline and Delphine worked blackmailing the flairies and seals them onto the cage, they also tried to took reasons for way. She annoying as that makes the flairies increase her costumes so in can't believing, Delphine pick up her cheap perfume to spraying them, fear it on.

At the night, Sequin later worked with Jilliana and Jacques Roussel, who were Millicent and Marie-Alecia's pets to saving the flairies while they sees fireworks. During begin in the Jacqueline's fashion show, Jacqueline and Delphine introduced in this show when Lilliana Roxelle was arriving demonstrate, unlike them who are being boor, and vexed. Upon the flairies appeared in had making the costumes of the beauty that discovered was loses color, which smell a lot like gym socks and turning designs into rubbish causing everybody shocked, Jacqueline and Delphine then terror for them, by not fair.

With this on, much lead to Lilliana leaving this show and turned around to Millicent's show. Barbie and her friends joined up in the fashion show, Jacqueline and Delphine are later belong to redemption to watched the show until the visible of Ken, who makes his appearance to meets with his girlfriend which ended up to kiss her by effect. Ken revealed that his suit was turned on green into white even upon the magic was gleam, Millicent hugs with Barbie and her friends but lucky to enjoy the excitement. Jacqueline decided to apologizing with Millicent and the flairies, which she later helps them to worked all the jobs.


  • She is the second Barbie main antagonist to have reformed, the first being Aunt Marie from Barbie in A Christmas Carol, and the third being Gwyllion from Barbie: Mariposa & the Fairy Princess.


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