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Jacqueline Moore is a retired professional wrestler and manager who has spent most of her career as a heel (villainess). She competed for WWF/E, where she held the Women's Championship twice and is the only woman in WWE history to have held the Cruiserweight Championship. She later went to TNA, where she became best known as the evil manager for Beer Money Inc.

Jacqueline debuted for the then-named WWF as the villainous manager for Marc Mero in his feud with former valet Sable. The feud escalated once WWF re-instilled the Women's Championship, and at Unforgiven, Jacqueline defeated Sable to become the first Women's Champion since WWE Hall of Famer Alundra Blayze held the title in 1995. Jacqueline lost the title to Sable at Survivor Series. She would later serve as one-third of the Pretty Mean Sisters stable, but after that, Jacqueline would compete as a babyface for the rest of her WWE career.

Jacqueline joined TNA in 2004 as a babyface, but she would later become a villainess in 2007 and align with James Storm. After Storm began teaming with Robert Roode, Jacqueline would spend several years as the manager for Beer Money Inc., before leaving TNA in 2009.

In 2011, the evil Jacqueline returned to TNA as ODB's partner during her feud with Velvet Sky. The villainous pair attacked Velvet in the ring, and they later revealed their evil plan in a backstage segment:  they were going to "clean up" the Knockouts Division. Jacqueline and ODB defeated Velvet and Brooke Tessmacher in a tag team match, but they lost to Velvet in a handicap match. Per the stipulation, they were to never return to TNA, but they reneged and attacked Velvet. Jackie and ODB were signed to full contracts after competing as babyfaces for weeks, but Jacqueline was out of TNA just weeks later.

Jacqueline's last appearances for TNA came in 2013, appearing in two One Night Only PPVs. At Hardcore Justice 2, Jacqueline turned heel and faced off against former partner ODB in a losing effort, but at the first Knockouts Knockdown, Jacqueline defeated Taryn Terrell. She advanced to the Queen of the Knockouts Gauntlet Battle Royal, where she was eliminated by ODB.

As a villainess, Jacqueline was portrayed as opportunistic, cunning, and (despite her short stature) brutish. In her gimmick with ODB, Jacqueline often bullied the other Knockouts, especially Velvet Sky.

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