Jacques mlaatr
Well, Well, robo-girl, prepare for a taste of your own mechanized medicine!
~ Jacques

Jacques is a student at Tremorton High and one-shot antagonist in Nickelodeon tv show My Life as a Teenage Robot. Jacques was the quarterback of the Tremorton High School football team until it was given to Jenny, leading Jacques to plot revenge on both Jenny and the coach by joining and helping the opposing team.

He was voiced by Bob Joles, who provided him a French accent and also voiced Icarus in God of War and Man Ray from SpongeBob SquarePants.


Jacques is rude, obnoxious and obsessed. He was also considered the only good player of the football team and enjoyed getting praised by the cheerleaders, which got him distract during the training. After getting replaced, he became more vengeful and vicious, going as far as trying to destroy Jenny and Brad even after he and his team lost the game.


After Jacques was replaced by Jenny/XJ-9 as new quarterback of the football team, he plotted revenge against her by joining and aiding the Poly Tech football team, giving them orders using a microphone on his hat. However, Jenny found out about this and broke his mic by throwing him a balloon to the face, leaving the rest of the Poly Tech unable coordinate well. After the Tremorton High's team won, Jacques brought a giant mecha dog to crush Jenny and Brad as revenge for losing the the game. As he was going to attack them however, a cat passed in and the dog robot comically chased it and Jacques couldn't make the robot respond to his commands. He was last seen still chasing the cat being also followed by a dog catcher.


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