Jacques is a living, creepy jack-in-the-box monster and one of the villains of Spyro the Dragon.

He was created by Gnasty Gnorc to use as a method to defeat Spyro as he was trying to release all the dragons trapped in crystal. He resides in a nightmare landscape populated by creatures born from nightmares and is fought on a series of platforms levitating above a volcanic crater.


Jacques attacks with toy-like boxes.

Jacques will mostly throw boxes at Spyro throughout the battle. As Spyro chases him, Jacques will move from one platform to the next until he reaches and stands on a dark pink box, where he'll stay put and continue throwing boxes. If Spyro flames him, he will move quickly to the next dark pink box (there are 3 in total) and repeat the same process. Once Jacques is flamed on the last pink box, he will disappear and leave 100 Gems at the end. It is unclear as to whether or not it takes more than one hit to kill Jacques, since it takes just one hit to kill him at the end and all of his gems appear, and since he simply jumps to the next platform if Spyro gets too close. He gives no indication at any other point in the fight beside the end that he's been hit.


  • It may have been common for most players of this game to think that Jacques' name was pronounced "Jack-cuse" if this had been their first time coming across this name. The real pronunciation of this name is /ʒak/, which sounds like "Jack" without the /d/ sound pronounced in the first letter [j].
  • Jacques seems to have inspired many "Jack-in-the-Box" themed bosses, including Mad Jack from Donkey Kong 64.
  • "Jacques" is also French for "Jack". That is why Jacques is pronounced without the /d/.


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