Jacques Lebeau is the main antagonist of Disney's 1961 live-action film Nikki, Wild Dog of the North (which is based on the 1919 novel Nomads of the North by the late James Oliver Curwood). He is an abusive and vicious trapper who wants to poison Nikki and turn him into a fighting dog.

He was portrayed by the late Émile Genest, who would go on to play one of the Cattlemen in Disney's 1962 film The Legend of Lobo.

Role in the film

After Nikki and Neewa were free from being tied to each other, Nikki encounters Lebeau and his former Native American minion, Makoki after his scent leads to them, thinking it was Andre. Lebeau tries to shoot Nikki, realizing that he wasn't his master and flees from him.

Nikki learns how to trick hunter traps and begins to steal meat that was meant for bait. Lebeau gets angry and poisons the meat. He and his Indian guide follow Nikki's tracks and trap him, but a wolf comes and they witness Nikki defeat the wolf that attacks him. Lebeau decides to train Nikki as a dogfight dog by being cruel to him and making him hate everybody, including humans who he was always kind to. After training Nikki, Lebeau learns that dog fights have been made illegal, but continues the fights anyway.

The town factor arrives to break up the fight and Lebeau pushes him into the dog pit hoping Nikki will attack him, but it turns out the factor is Andre Dupas, who Nikki won't harm. Lebeau jumps in the pit to kill Andre, but Nikki attacks him and seemingly kills him as Andre pulls him away. Durante and the crowd are determined to kill Nikki, despite the fact that Lebeau was responsible for driving Nikki mad in the first place. Before Durante could shoot Nikki, Makoki stops him and shows the knife in his chest, revealing that he killed himself.


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