I’m not talking about the good of my company; I’m talking about the good of Atlas, our entire Kingdom!
~ Jacques, trying to convince Ironwood to give in.
Jacques Schnee doesn't care about people. He cares about winning. That, and making sure he's got the best damn PR team in the world.
~ Qrow about Jacques.

Jacques Schnee is a major antagonist in the world of RWBY. He is the President of the Schnee Dust Company, and the father of Winter, Weiss and Whitley Schnee.

He is voiced by Jason Douglas, who also voiced Beerus in Dragon Ball Super, and Aokiji in in One Piece.



In his youth, Jacques married the daughter of Nicholas Schnee, founder and head of the Schnee Dust Company. After Nicholas' health began to fail, Jacques convinced Nicholas to allow him be his successor, taking the Schnee surname as his own and inheriting the company.

Jacques later became the father to his daughters Winter and Weiss and his son Whitley. Winter left to join the Atlesian military as a Specialist. His second daughter, Weiss, left for Beacon Academy to study and become a Huntress.

It is stated that Jacques was displeased that Winter and Weiss for their decisions. Winter joined the military and Weiss going to Beacon rather than Atlas. At some point he retaliated against Winter by cutting her off from the family fortune.

Under Jacques' leadership, the company operate began in a "moral gray area". It soon became infamous for its "questionable buissness partners" and the continued use of Faunus slave labor, despite the fact that it had been made illgal. This caused the company to become a target to the Faunus group known as the White Fang, who began terrorizing, kidnapping and killing the board members of the company and sabotaging shipments and projects.


Jacques appears in Chapters 3 and 4 of the manga. According to Weiss, as a child, Jacques always had extremely high expectations on Weiss to test her worth. When Jacques learned that Weiss wanted to move away to study at Beacon Academy instead of Atlas, he and his Secretary tested Weiss' skill by forcing her to fight in a dangerous battle with a Giant Armor.

Volume 3

At the Vytal Festival, Jacques calls Weiss, but she refuses to answer. Later on, Jacques cancels Weiss' credit card, cutting her off from the family fortune.

After the following attack in Vale and Beacon, Jacques goes to Vale to bring Weiss back to Atlas where he believes it is safe.

Volume 4

Weiss is called to meet Jacques in his study, Weiss enters the room seeing her father arguing with James Ironwood about his embargo of exporting Dust. After Ironwood left, Jacques tells Weiss that she will be performing vocals at the charity event for the SDC.

Jacques is present at the charity concert and the after-party where he debates with other party guests about politics and Faunus discrimination. After Weiss overhears one of the guests mocking what happened to Vale, she loses her temper and accidentally summons the avatar of a Boarbatusk, disrupting the party and endangering the guests.

After the charity event, Jacques scolds Weiss for her temper. Weiss than tells her she wants to leave Atlas, but Jacques denies her. Weiss then tells her father that the Schnee name is her responsibility, and that he just married into the name. This causes Jauques to get angry and discipline Weiss by slapping her across the face. After they argue, Jacques grounds Weiss and tells her that Whitley will be the new heir to the Schnee Dust Company.


Did you forget your manners while you were away?
~ Jacques to Weiss.
Thanks to him, Atlas is forbidden from exporting Dust to other Kingdoms. "A precautionary measure," as he puts it, "until we're certain nobody is going to declare war". How anyone could possibly find that to be sound logic is beyond me.
~ Jacques, talks about James Ironwood.
Many forget that you were there. My own daughter, a Schnee, on the grounds, defending another Kingdom! We need to remind them! And we need to show them that the Schnee family is just as strong as ever!
~ Jacques, to Weiss Schnee.
I'm sorry, I tuned out for a second, but sounds like I'm the good guy again?
~ Jacques demonstrating his ego to the guests of his gala.
Young lady, I don't give a damn about what you want. This isn't about you! This is about the Schnee family name, and your apparent insistence on dragging it through the mud!
~ Jacques to Weiss, about her desire to leave Atlas.
This behavior of yours is incredibly disappointing. You couldn't possibly understand the lengths I've gone to in order to keep this family where it is. You think running off like your sister is going to make the Schnee name stronger? You're wrong. Siding with her only divides us.
~ Jacques to Weiss.
You're not leaving Atlas. You're not to leave the manor grounds unless I specifically allow it. You are going to remain here, out of sight and out of trouble, until you and I come to an agreement on your future.
~ Jacques grounding Weiss.
Your presupposition that you can simply have whatever it is you want is a clear sign of our failure as parents. But from now on, I'll be giving you the full attention you require, starting by keeping you where I can see you.
~ Jacques to Weiss, on why he is grounding her.
Clearly, the trauma you endured at the fall of Beacon was too much for you. Which is why you've generously revoked your claim to the company and its earnings and passed it on to your brother Whitley.
~ Jacques to Weiss, giving the claim he will publicize for why Weiss is no longer heiress.
It's time to wake up and face reality.
~ Jacques to Weiss, after he revokes her clam to the SDC.
You've never trusted anyone other than yourself!
~ Jacques to General Ironwood.
You need to get a grip.
~ Jacques to General Ironwood, after the latter pounds on his desk.



  • His first name is the French equivalent of the name James, which originates from Jacob. This name means "someone who grasps at the heels" or "supplanter", which fits him well given his backstory.
  • His pre-marriage surname, Gelè, means 'frost' or 'frozen' in French.
  • He alludes to Jack Frost, a folklore character associated with mischief and spreading ice and cold. This is reflected in his cold personality.
  • Like the rest of his family, his adopted surname means "snow" in German.
  • A picture of Weiss and her father from "End of the Beginning" was used to promote the Father's Day sales at the Rooster Teeth Store on June 19th, 2016.
  • Weiss' father was originally intended to appear in the Volume 1 Opening. He can be seen as a mysterious figure in the original storyboards featured as extras on the DVD release of Volume 1.
  • In the Japanese dub, Jacques is voiced by Madoka Shiga.

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