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Jad Astro Vani is a one-time villain from the FOX animated sit-com, The Cleveland Show, only appearing in a deleted scene from the episode "Love Rollercoaster". He is a Muslim terrorist and stand-up comedian, who inserts radical propaganda in his routines. He is villainous for stoning a girl to death as punishment for getting raped as well as exhibiting malice and making death threats toward Israelis and Americans.


In a deleted scene from "Love Rollercoaster", Roberta's Iranian friend, Tassie told her that she was funnier than her favorite Iranian comedian, Jad Astro Vani. A cutaway gag showed Jad Astro Vani going up on stage and telling a joke about something funny that happened to him in real life. Jad tells the story about how he was honor-killing his niece for engaging in a disgusting and sacrilegious act of premarital sex. However, he does mention that this "sex" she had was non-consensual on her behalf because she was getting raped. Nonetheless, he mercilessly threw stones at her, as was his idea of a proper punishment for a sin she had no control over. Jad continues to tell this joke and then makes a lame pun, where he compared a girl getting "stoned" to Tommy Chong. This must have been his final joke of his routine because, at this point, Jad signed off his show, thanking the audience for their time and telling him that if they liked his jokes, they can see more of him at his website, "" and made sure to throw in a few death threats to Israel and America just before getting off the stage.


Jad Asto Vani is a Middle Eastern adult male with gray hair that seems to be mostly shadow-tinted but with streaks of gunmetal in it. He also has a shadow-colored beard, mustache, and set of thick eyebrows as well as a few exposed chesthairs. He wears a flax jacket with a lighter yellow buttoned-undershirt with a popped collar as well as flax pants to match his outermost jacket. Also, visible is a third seafoam green shirt under his other shirts, a golden necklace, and brown dress shoes.


Jad Astro Vani is a basic archetype of an Islamic fundamentalist with a few comedian tropes thrown in as well. Jad is a stand up comic with a style of humor that draws from his everyday life. He'll tell stories about how he commits acts of terrorism or religious extremism as though it were a garden variety task (because to him, it is) and then he'll go on to make a comedic quip about it, such as making puns about stoned little girls being on par with Tommy Chong. According to his stand-up act, Astro Vani practices lapidation and "honor-killing" and has no problem with killing members of his own family if they break the rules of his religion. In his case, his niece was raped and he needed to punish her for breaking Zina. Jad seems to think that because it's done in the name of faith, what he's doing is the right thing. However, Jad Astro Vani seems to be a comedian before a terrorist as he cares most about his career in comedy and aspires to become famous and believes he can make it big in the show business, even though his jokes are complete crap.


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