Jade is the mother to Margaret Sun. She is the main antagonist at the end of the 2002 comic book Black Sun.


Jade appeared as a stoic, reserved and calm woman. However, when she reveals that she was out for power like Azuras, she was ruthless and was willing to take her daughter's powers and her soul to achieve that goal. Jade had no problem betraying Azuras and killing him in the process. When Margaret resisted her attempt at taking her power, Jade became frustrated and tried to kill her to make an example of her. When she was sealed away in the pearl, she expressed shock at her imprisonment.


In the past, Jade got into contact with Azuras. She had a daughter with Azuras, called Margaret Sun. Despite having a child with Azuras, she was in a relationship with Hsu Sun. Hsu Sun and Margaret thought that Hsu was the father. Jade at some point, went to a home where she had to be taken care for her immobility and disability.

She was visited by Zhao Sun and later Hsu and Margaret. When Margaret came back to the house to try and get help, she found out from her pearl necklace that Jade and Zhao had a relationship. Later on when Azuras summoned his demons to wreak havoc, Margaret ordered a few demons to carry her to Hong Kong where Azuras and Margaret were at.

When Margaret had the upperhand in her fight against her father, Jade appeared in front of them. She told Azuras it had been a long time and proceeded to kill him by draining him of his energy. After talking to her daughter, Jade attempted to take her daughter's soul for power. Margaret resisted her mother's attempt on her life and began to fight her. Jade mocked her daughter throughout the fight telling her that she was weak and that her powers did not compare to her. Jade also got mad at Margaret for defying her. Jade managed to get the pearl from her daughter and used its powers to absorb all the demons that Azuras summoned relinquishing the children from their demonic possessions. As she enjoyed the power she had, she could not control it herself and Margaret took the opportunity to seal her inside the pearl. After the fight, Margaret kept the pearl as a family heirloom.

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