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Jade Hedy (1995 - 11th October 2013) is an antagonist, who appeared in Hollyoaks from September to October 2013. She also appeared in season 6 of Hollyoaks Later, where she was killed off.

She was portrayed by Lucy Gape.


Jade arrived in the village, searching for Esther Bloom. She ignored Esther's girlfriend, Tilly Evans. She later moved into their student flat after her university application was accepted. Jade became close to Esther and developed a romantic interest in her. She suggested that she, Esther and Tilly had a threesome, which the pair reluctantly accepted.

Jade stalking Tilly & Esther.

For Esther's eighteenth birthday party, Jade suggested having a party at her uncle's mansion. She continued to annoy Tilly by making advances on Esther. Jade was confronted by former friend Wes Anderson, whom she was not pleased to see. Jade ended up making Esther and Tilly uncomfortable as she suggested having another threesome, so she left. Tilly and Esther decided to bathe together, unaware that Jade was watching them through a hidden camera. Tilly and Esther began kissing, which turned on Jade, who pleasured herself whilst watching Tilly and Esther.

Jade begun seeing the ghost of her late boyfriend, Sam, which made her behave more erratically. Tilly was horrified and Esther was amused to discover that Jade had bought her a dildo for her birthday. Later, at the party, Jade got high and drunk. She discovered that Wes was stalking Holly, and beat him unconscious with a cricket bat before kidnapping him. Jade tried taking Esther to bed and a jealous Tilly followed, but Esther told Jade that she did not want to sleep with her.

Jade stormed off and snorted a line of cocaine with "Sam". She vented to "Sam", who agreed that Esther did not deserve the his liver. "Sam" then fell to the floor and suffered a seizure, and Jade ran out screaming for help. Esther and Tilly ran over to the room but all were confused to find "Sam" not there.

Jade kidnaps Esther.

After Wes managed to escape, he kidnapped Holly and Tilly, and eventually ran off with a gun pointed at Jade's head. The pair heard a gunshot and later found Jade laying at the bottom of a cliff. Meanwhile, Esther, who had been separated from the group, was knocked unconscious by having a bottle smashed over her head. She then woke up in a dark room where Jade was brandishing a knife. Jade revealed that the liver that Esther had received in the transplant was Sam's, and wanted it as Esther was mistreating it. She prepared to cut Esther, but was interrupted by Holly screaming.

Jade stabbing Wes.

Wes was horrified to see that Jade was alive, whilst Jade and Callum were shocked to see Wes brandishing a gun, and holding Holly hostage. Callum attempted to grab the gun, which resulted in a scuffle, and Wes was knocked out after slipping and hitting his head on the table. Jade pulled a knife and stabbed Wes in the abdomen, and lied that the fall had killed Wes. Jade then convinced Callum to help her drag Wes's body into the woods and bury it, convincing him not to confess to the police.

Jade stabbing Callum.

Esther managed to free herself and shouted out to Holly and Callum, who discovered Jade's bloody knife. Callum went to rescue Esther, and he and Holly were separated. Jade and Callum fought, and Jade tried to stab Callum in the neck, but missed. Jade then took a samurai sword and followed Callum upstairs, stabbing him through the chest to Esther's horror. She tied Esther back up and buried Callum's body in the woods.

Tilly found and freed Esther, and the pair escaped in Jade's car. However, they ended up in the forest after the car ran out of petrol, where Jade eventually found them. Tilly tried to distract Jade so Esther could flee, but Jade spotted Esther and chased after her. Tilly grabbed Jade and began slamming her against tree trunks before the pair scuffled and fell to the ground. Jade impaled herself on her knife in the fall, which ended up stabbing her in the chest. She began coughing up blood, and Esther and Tilly watched as Jade bled to death.