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I know what you did to my dad. My mum told me. He was a good man before he met you! You made him mad, pushed him over the edge!
~ Jade to Fiz Stape
She will.... destroy you! You've got to get away from her, she's evil! What she did to my dad, she's going to do to Hope! She makes good people do bad things!
~ Jade to Tyrone about Fiz

Jade Rowan is a fictional character and major antagonist in the British ITV Soap Opera Coronation Street. She served as the secondary antagonist throughout 2019 and a supporting antagonist in 2020.

She is the long-lost daughter of John Stape, who died eight years before her arrival. Believing John's former husband Fiz was responsible for John turning out like he did, Jade attempted to take custody of Hope.

She was portrayed by Lottie Henshall.


Jade was the daughter of John and an unknown woman. Growing up, Jade was told by her mum that John was a good man before he met Fiz, and that she made him mad and pushed him over the edge. Furious, Jade plotted her revenge later on in life.

Jade first appeared as Hope's teaching assistant, who later moved in with Fiz and Tyrone. Unaware of the two however, Jade was secretly plotting revenge against Fiz. She decided to make it look as though Fiz was abusing Hope by putting fake bruises on her (via makeup), and Jade took photos of these "injuries" on her phone. She later took Hope to see John's grave, and gave her a mobile phone so they can call each other in secret. Eventually, Tyrone's grandmother Evelyn became suspicious of Jade.

Later on, Jade tells Dr Susan Gadass about Hope's faked injuries, and showed her the photos on her phone. This causes both Hope and Ruby to be taken away from Fiz and Tyrone, who both eventually realise that Jade was responsible, and are shocked at the reveal of her being John's daughter. It was later decided that Tyrone could look after the girls, but only without Fiz in the house. Fiz later confronts Jade, who tells her that John was a good man before he met her. Tyrone then enters to save Fiz from Jade.



  • While it is not yet know which year Jade was born in, she was conceived on the date 2nd March.