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Martial art is based on deception, my friend.
~ Jade Warlord to the Monkey King.

The Jade Warlord is the main antagonist in the 2008 fantasy adventure film The Forbidden Kingdom.

He is portrayed by Collin Chou.


The Jade Warlord is an immortal who possesses powers not known to any natural man. His only annoyance is the powerful Monkey King, whom the Warlord eagerly attempts to eradicate. When the Monkey King appears before the Jade Emperor during a banquet, he is given the elixir of immortality and the Jade Warlord sees him as a threat. The Jade Emperor then departs to meditate for 500 years, during which time the Warlord challenges the Monkey King to a duel. The two of them face off in the Warlord's palace, with the Monkey King easily gaining the advantage over his opponent with the use of his legendary magical staff. After realizing that the staff is the key to his victory, the Jade Warlord then challenges the Monkey King to a standard fist fight, with no Chi magic and no weapons. The Monkey King, being an overly trusting sort, accepts, but no sooner has he put his staff down when the Warlord hurls dark magic at the Monkey King, turning him to stone. However, the Monkey King just has time to send his staff away from the palace and far off into the distant kingdom.

When Jason Tripitikas, a young boy prophesised to return the Monkey King's staff to its rightful owner, enters the mysterious magical world, the Jade Warlord sends his armies and the wicked Ni-Chang to recover the staff from him. Jason is aided in his quest by three warriors, Lu Yan, the Silent Monk (secretly the essence of the Monkey King) and Golden Sparrow, and together they fight off the Warlord's armies before confronting the Warlord himself inside his palace. Jason uses the staff to free the Monkey King from his stone statue form and he once again battles the Warlord. Eventually, the Monkey King throws the Warlord towards Jason who stabs him with Golden Sparrow's enchanted jade darts. Mortally wounded, the Warlord falls into a lava pit and is consumed by flames.


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