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Jae Shin is a recurring antagonist in Season 3 of the Starz TV series Power. He is a gangster and the leader of the Korean gang in New York City.

He is portrayed by C.S. Lee.


Jae Shin is the leader of the Korean drug trade and owner of a Korean restaurant. He is shown to be a patient man and rewarding. He is introduced as one of the international drug lords from Korea and has no problem pleasing his guests as long as they reply with his terms.

Season 3

He first appears when drug dealer Tommy enters the home of business of Jae Shin with an offer to sell them his product. Jae Shin's son remarks that Tommy worked with a black guy before called Ghost but is corrected and Tommy says him and Ghost don't work together anymore. The Head of the Korean drug trade declares he doesn't trust black people and is grateful to work with Tommy alone. After his son is caught messing with the cocaine and giving some to the prostitutes, by Julio, he is disappointed by this and punishes him by having him commit yubitsume in front him and the staff. His son was later killed by Ghost when he tried to assassinate Tommy in a drive-by shooting.

Later, the Serbian cannibalistic drug lord Milan, whom Ghost and Tommy work for, sets up a meeting with all the head drug runners at Truth, which makes Ghost ill at ease. While Tommy introduces them to their newest product, Jae Shin speaks up in opposition to the pills Milan wants them to sell. Wanting to set a very clear tone, Milan with a nod of his head, orders one of his men to kill Jae Shin in the middle of the club. Ruiz, Father Callahan and Ghost all realize that Milan is far more vicious than any distributor they’ve ever encountered.

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