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Jafar is a minor antagonist in the Descendants franchise. He appears as one the supporting antagonists of the 2015 Disney Channel Original Movie Descendants, a major antagonist in the novel The Isle Of The Lost and a referenced character in Descendants: Wicked World. He is a recreation of his original character in Aladdin.

He was portrayed by Maz Jobrani.


Isle of The Lost

He had developed a large grudge against Aladdin and Jasmine who defeated him for his evil plans to take the throne as sultan of Agraba and had him trapped inside of a lamp after tricking him into wishing into becoming a genie. Unlike in the sequels however Jafar was transported and imprisoned along with villains Cruella De Vil, Evil Queen and Maleficent. He winded up having a son named Jay who he didn't care much for but had somewhat respected him for being his best employee and a good thief. He helped Jay and Mal in this book by giving them a map to the Isle of the Doomed. Additionally he still had Iago who had now lost his ability to talk and was transformed into an ordinary parrot.


While at first being reluctant he sent Jay with the other children to steal Fairy Godmother's wand when Prince Ben announced that he want help children of villains for redemption in order for he and the others to claim their revenge on the heroes who imprisoned them in the first place.

By the end of the movie after Maleficent's plan fails Jafar looks on with a stunned facial expression to the ongoing celebration in Auradon silently acknowledging and accepting his own defeat alongside Evil Queen and Cruella.

Wicked World

In season 2 of Descendants Wicked World a hypnotized Mal stole his staff from the Auradon museum and gave it to Zevon the latter of which used in order to set his plans into motion. However, these plans were foiled and the staff was returned to the museum


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