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Jagreen in his chaotic armor

Jagreen Lern is a major antagonist in the dark fantasy book series Elric of Melnibone. He is the cruel theocratic ruler of Pan Tang, a small nation of sorcerers and worshippers of the Chaos gods and the chosen champion of Chaos. He is the secondary villain of Stormbringer, the sixth book of the Elric series, with the god Arioch being the main antagonist.


He wears a magic Chaos armour that is always red hot and burning, which was a gift to him from the gods of Chaos. In battle, he wields a huge battle axe and a shield.

Becoming the champion of the forces of Chaos, Jagreen Lern is tasked with eliminating Elric before he restores the balance between Law and Chaos, and plans to lure him out by kidnapping and killing the Melnibonean's friends and loved ones, while also running his domains with brutality, human sacrifice and turning prisoners into living, tormented statues. Jagreen Lern proceeds to lead an army of Chaos across the lands, massacring those he comes across and conducting human sacrifice and torture. Torturing Elric when he is captured, Jagreen Lern later mutates Elric's wife Zarozinia into a horrible worm-like creature Elric is forced to euthanize with the sword Stormbringer. Jagreen Lern later leads the forces of Chaos to conquer the world, stopping at nothing to harm Elric himself and defeat the gods of Law.

During a climatic battle, Jagreen Lern meets his well deserved fate when Elric defeats him in a duel and is killed by Elric in a brutal fashion, with Elric cutting him with Moonglum's sword, because he doesn't want to use Stormbringer and give Jagreen a quick death and have his soul part of him. The text states that he kept him alive for nearly a hour by cutting him piece by piece until Moonglum begged Elric to kill him.


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