Your will...? You humans are incomprehensible to us at times. Do you expect your will alone to earn you victory?
~ Jahn

Jahn is a major antagonist in Nintendo's Strategy RPG Fire Emblem The Binding Blade. He is the last surviving member of the fire dragon clan to remain in Elibe after the Scouring and as such has vengeful vendetta against humanity for their atrocities against his race. So he makes a deal with the Mad Tyrant Zephiel in the hopes that he could eventually conqure all of Elbie and wipeout humanity.



Millennia ago humans and dragons coexisted in harmony in the continent of Elibe, but then humanity found out of the uncontrollable destructive power dragons possessed if left unchecked. Rather than settling for peaceful negotiations, the humans instead declared an all out war against dragonkind, sparking the terrible war known as "The Scouring". Despite the dragons being far more powerful they found themselves overwhelmed by humanity's sheer numbers and thus where loosing badly. In an attempt to turn the war into their favor Jahn and his fellow fire dragons negotiated with the neutral divine dragon clan to make "war dragons" mass-produced soldiers with no thoughts or will of their own. However the divine dragons' refused and instead fled to the Nabata Desert where they would later form the kingdom of Arcadia. But one divine dragon Idunn was left behind. Seizing the opportunity, Jahn and his fire dragons captured Idunn and corrupted her, twisting her soul and transforming her into a mindless drone for the sole purpose of mass producing even more mindless drones. This strategy of mass producing war dragons as cannon fodder seemed to have worked for a while, that is until humanity fought back by creating the legendary weapons, but they where so powerful that they nearly destroyed Elibe and created an Ice Age known as the Eternal Winter which severly weakened the dragons, forcing them to become manaketes to conserve their energy. Then humans took advantage of their new weakness and began slaughtering them by the hundreds and eventually storming their capital, killing their leader, defeating Idunn, sealing her away in the Dragon Temple. With the humans victorious, the surviving dragons where either hunted down or fled to the Dragon Gate and into another world. Jahn, severely injured and believing himself to be the last of his kind, fled to the Dragon Temple to tend to his injuries, vowing to one day return at full strength and gain vengeance on humanity.


Many years later Jahn notices that the Demon Dragon Idunn had woken from her slumber. So he visits the one responsible for her reawakening, The Mad Tyrant Zephiel. Zephiel explains that he plans on using Idunn to eradicate humanity and return the dragons as the rightful rulers of the world. Jahn was initially hesitant, finding Zephiel to be untrustworthy, but after some further negotiations Jahn eventually strikes a deal with Zephiel, offering to safegaurd Idunn in the Dragon Temple should Zephiel fall. After Zephiel's defeat, Roy and his army storm the Dragon Temple where they eventually encounter Jahn. Jahn then explains everything about The Scouring, the war dragons, and Idunn, along with stating that he had now regained his true strength, and so he reveals his true draconic form and engages with Roy head-on. Eventaully after a long fierce battle Jahn was slain by Roy, as dies he remarks on how unpredictable humanity truely is before finally succumbing to his injuries.


Jahn is a very cunning but arrogant individual who likes to be blunt and honest about his viewpoints. He believes that humans and dragons could never truly coexist and that one race will eventually eradicate the other to survive. When Roy explanes that their is a hidden kingdom where humans and dragons live together in harmony, Jahn scoffs at the idea, referring to such a notion as "absurd". And thus he stuck to his moral philosophy to the very end.

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