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"I'm going to make you suffer for this!".
~ Jai tells his ex-wife Charity Dingle that he plans to make her pay for taking his son Archie away from him.

Jai Sharma is a fictional character and one of the central protagonists of the long-running British soap opera Emmerdale. He debuted in 2009 and became one of the show's central characters from 2010 onwards. In 2014, he developed an anti-hero and somewhat antagonistic trait for a brief period of time.

He was portrayed by Chris Bisson.


Jai Sharma first came to Emmerdale in 2009 along with his brother Nikhil as the new owners of the village factory, which they named into Sharma & Sharma. The pair were soon joined by their sister Pyria along with the trio's parents Rishi and Georgia.

In 2010, Jai went into partnership with his old friend Declan Macey. Things went well between them until Declan's daughter Mia is actually revealed to be Jai's biological daughter who later gets killed in a road collusion in 2011; Jai had a fling with Declan's ex-wife Ella Hart in the past that led to her conceiving Mia. Later on, Jai and Declan get into a fight during a party at Jai's house over the situation with Mia.

In 2011, Jai got engaged to Charity Dingle and they got engaged. This made Charity's cousin and ex-fiancé, Cain Dingle, jealous to the point where he started to terrorize them and their family in a campaign against the couple. This continued when Cain gets attacked by a mystery assailant, and Jai is implicated as the prime suspect - to which prompts Cain's wayward nephew Aaron Livesy to start wanting a fight with him.

In 2012, Cain's attacker is revealed to be his father Zak. Thereafter Jai's innocence is proven and he and Charity get married. But their marriage breaks down a year later when Jai learns that Charity had a one-night stand with Declan, and it is later exposed to Declan's wife Kate Sugden. At that point, Jai is further shocked to learn that Charity's cousin Chas knew about it and that her boyfriend Cameron Murray had been blackmailing both Charity and Declan over the affair due to personal family problems.

In 2013 onwards, Jai has an affair with Rachel Breckle and she gives birth to their son Archie. This causes Charity to retaliate by sleeping with Ross Barton and then cover-up Declan's involvement in the Home Farm fire by pinning the blame on her cousin Sam Dingle and Rachel herself so the latter can leave with Archie - thus ridding Jai of his own son as revenge for his betrayal.

In 2014, Jai teams up with Declan's sister Megan and nephew Robbie Macey to expose Charity's lies. He later finds out what Charity did and kidnaps her to demand Archie's location. She is eventually rescued by her family, and Cain threatens Jai and he later feuds with Cain and Charity's daughter Debbie Dingle.

In 2015, Jai is shocked when Rachel returns with Archie. He then begins tormenting her and abusing her to get custody of their son, thus degrading her image in the process. At the same time he marries Megan and tricks her into believing his theory against Rachel, but later cheats on Megan with her friend Leyla Harding. When Megan finds out, she exposes Jai's lies and he begins to crack up and lose everything around him. Megan gives birth to her daughter Iza and learns that Jai is the father, but is adamant for him to not go anywhere near her. Jai later runs over Megan in a drunken state, but eventually pulls through until he later gets involved in a drug addiction.

Eventually, Jai overcomes his problems and is able to lead a ongoing normal live - despite having business problems with Kim Tate along with his other enemies as well.



  • Chris Bisson (the actor who played Jai Sharma) has been longlisted for several awards through his character's performance.