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If you wanna pop that puppy's can you don't have to grease him so hard, Jarhead!
~ Binger to Gunnery Sergeant Highway

The Jail Binger (real name unknown) was a minor antagonist in the 1986 movie Heartbreak Ridge.

He was portrayed by the late Nicholas Worth.


In July 1983 he was incarcerated in the same jail where Gunnery Sergent Thomas Highway was being held after getting into yet another drunken fight. Highway passed the time by regaling his cellmates with stories of time in the military, and befriended a young man.

Taking offense at the old Marine, Jail Binger came up and said that if Highway wanted to force himself on the young man he didn't have to work so hard at seducing him. Highway quipped that the Jail Binger sounded like he had experience in the area before warning the Jail Binger that he was mean and tired. Jail Binger did not take the hint, and threatened Gunny Highway. Handing his cigar to the young man, Highway asked him to hold on to it as war had just been declared.

Exploding out of his seated position Highway quickly put the larger Jail Binger on the floor. Highway told the man to sit and be quiet for a while, but the Jail Binger did not take the hint and got back up. Pulling out a shank, he made a homophobic comment about carving up Highway before Highway gave him a good beat down. Highway then returned to his seat while the Jail Binger laid there and bled.


  • The man's real name is unknown, he was simply credited in the film as Jail Binger.


Heartbreak Ridge opening

Heartbreak Ridge opening

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