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Jailbot is a protagonist villain from the 2007 animated series Superjail!. Jailbot is a robot made to carry out various tasks around SuperJail, where he serves as both a guard and a servant to The Warden.

He is portrayed as being almost invincible in combat, and filled with more weapons that should logically be able to fit into his body.


Jailbot is seen at the beginning of every episode capturing Jackknife (a character who can be seen escaping in ever episode). He will usually apprehend him an an unnecessarily violent fashion, and usually causes more harm than good. Jailbot does, however, show an affinity for children, often giving them sweets when he apprehends Jackknife.

It is possible that his affinity for children stems from his own self-identity as a young child, as shown from Jailbot's dream in "Dream Machine", where Jailbot dreams of himself as The Warden's son.

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