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I am the greatest killer the world has ever seen!
~ To Mrs. Garrison

Jakartha is a minor antagonist in the adult-animated comedy series South Park, appearing as the secondary antagonist in the episode "Follow That Egg!". He was a famous bounty hunter who was hired by Mrs. Garrison to destroy Stan and Kyle's egg, intentionally sabotaging his experiment to falsely prove that two boys cannot raise a child, in an attempt to give the governor proof to veto the bill on gay marriage rights.


Jakartha is a stern looking man who is armed and dangerous. He has spiky brown hair, a brown beard, and a permenant scar in between his right eye and beard, which travels down to near his mouth. He wears a dark green coat, dark green cargo pants, black shoes, and black gloves. He openly carries sheathed and pocketed weapons, with a long blade sheathed over his right coat pocket, and a brown bandolier strapped around his coat traveling from the left shoulder to the right side of his waist. He has many other concealed weapons, including firearms and grenades.


Jakartha appears to be a serious, no-nonsense individual who displays many characteristics of a bounty hunter, such as being callous, ruthless, and stern. He is indifferent to killing other human beings, obvious due to the fact that he kills other humans for a living. This makes him just as greedy as any other bounty hunter. He is also very violent, as shown through his bitter personality and haste in killing people. He visibly carries weapons around him, and can be seen as menacing and fearless.


Jakartha is approached by Mrs. Garrison in a pub, who pays him money to murder an egg, and make it seem like an accident. Jakartha shrugs this off as a joke and refuses to take Mrs. Garrison's money, but after employing the old trick of calling him too scared, Jakartha violently accepts Mrs. Garrison's request. Mrs. Garrison, in an attempt to prevent the gay marriage between Big Gay Al and Mr. Slave, intends to sabotage his parenting experiment by hiring Jakartha to make it seem like the only pair of boys, Stan and Kyle, failed to protect the egg, falsely proving that two men cannot raise a child just like two boys cannot take care of an egg.

At Stan's house, Jakartha shoots the egg in Stan's hand with a scoped assault rifle, claiming that that was almost too easy. He did his job so well that Stan actually believed he broke the egg, and panicked while on the phone with Kyle as soon as Jakartha shot it. The next day, Kyle came over to Stan's house and revealed that he didn't actually trust Stan with the egg, and that he hid the real one in his jacket. Stan apologized for not trusting Kyle to not go out with Wendy, his ex-girlfriend, and they reconciled their differences, and go to school. Mrs. Garrison had decided to do the final egg check in front of the governor's office, and after receiving a phone call from Kyle saying that their egg is okay and they'll be there shortly, Mrs. Garrison is furious and castigates Jakartha for lying to him. Jakartha responds that he was sure that he had killed the egg, and receives his new orders to make sure that the boys don't reach the building's steps with a healthy egg.

When Stan, Kyle, and their egg arrive in a taxi, Jakartha opens fire, killing many innocent people in the crowd. Jakartha sends the place into chaos with gunfire and detonating landmines, killing people left and right. Through fire and flames, Stan and Kyle manage to reach the stairs of the governor's building, and says while almost completely out of breath that their egg is okay. Stan then passes out, with the egg, still intact, grasped in his hands. The governor of Colorado sees Mrs. Garrison's experiment as proof that gay couples can raise adopted children, and publicly announces that he will be signing the bill that allows for gay marriage rights. The LGBT community cheers, and Kyle is confused, as he has no idea what this project has to do with gay marriage rights.


  • Jakartha made a cameo appearance in the episode "Britney's New Look".



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