Jake is a character of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, appearing in the episode The Switching Hour. He is Nicky's red haired older brother who often picks on Nicky cruelly. He is voiced by Andrew Leedy.


While Nicky is taking out the garbage, he alerts his older brother of a monster named Ickis, but Jake sees Ickis as a "bunny rabbit" and thinks that Nicky is insane. Nicky dresses up as Ickis for Halloween, which Jake and his friends laughing at him thinking Nicky's costume is a bunny rabbit. Later, Jake and his friends start egging and T-P-ing the neighborhood. One of Jake's friends mistake Ickis for Nicky, and Jake and his friends wrapped Ickis in toilet paper and take him to the party with them. When Jake and his friends are trading candy, Ickis tries to go to the bathroom, but gets confronted by Jake, who teases Ickis which causes Ickis to rage and grow into gigantic size, scaring Jake and his friends. When Nicky returns home safely, he found Jake hiding in the bed, Nicky taunts Jake by making him say bunny rabbit, and later Jake screamed.

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