Animal Control Officer Jake (or ACO Jake for short) is one of the two main antagonists of the 2009 Nickelodeon movie Hotel for Dogs.

He was portrayed by Ajay Naidu.

Role in Movie

ACO Jake works in the local pound in New York city. He hates dogs and people who own them. The movie's main protagonists Bruce, Andi and their friends Dave, Heather & Scott begin spoiling their attempts to capture every dog in the city and take them in at an old hotel. However the kid’s social worker Bernie Wilkins delivers a heartfelt speech about the kid's work with the dogs, the police allow the kids to keep them in the hotel and Max and Jake are both arrested for their animal cruelty and murder. The pound is shut down and the hotel is opened as an official hotel for dogs.


Jake is cruel, cold-hearted animal pound worker. He also shares similarities with his partner, Max.



  • His real name is presumably Jacob.


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