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Jacob "Jake" Abbasi is the main antagonist in Skins: Fire, the first two installments in the final series of Skins. He is the highly charismatic and devious boss of Effy Stonem and the only person ever to truly outsmart her.

He was portrayed by Kayvan Novak who also played Paul in Inside No. 9.


He appears a few times throughout the first episode where he is seen impressed by Effy multiple times and even convinces Effy's former female superior not to fire her for having a secret meeting with the company investor. He is last seen having sex with Effy in this part of the episode in pity to drive away the pain of her now best friend Naomi getting cancer.

He is a much more prominent character in the second episode and by this point in time he and Effy have began a proper relationship, he commits fraud on the company with Effy using both of their high intellect to his advantage and the two constantly attempt to hide what people have found throughout the episode however these efforts go to waste when the police begin investigating the company. To save his own skin, Jake betrays Effy and tells the authorities that everything done was completely her and nothing to do with him.

Unknown to Abbasi, Effy talked with her former superior who was fired and was now working for the police. She told her about Abbasi's lies as well as all of the crimes he had committed and convinced her to comply with, also detailing how he had charmed everyone including both herself and the authorities and used his wits to help him in his crimes. Her former superior surprisingly enough believes Effy's claims and leaves Effy with the comforting notion that he will face punishment as well should they find anything in their investigation towards him.

Despite having to spend a lot of time in prison Effy is last seen doing her iconic stare to Jake who has a paranoid expression on his face and hastily headed back to his office. He was most likely arrested for fraud after the events in the episode.


In spite of his villainous nature Jake was a friendly, charismatic and respectful man. In the end, however, he showed that his loyalty had its limits after throwing Effy under the bus. That said, in spite of deceiving and tricking her, Jake truly did like Effy and only betrayed her as a last resort.


  • Of all of the Skins main antagonists, Jake is easily the most intelligent as he was the only one ever capable of outsmarting Effy Stonem.


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