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Jake Jolson is the secondary antagonist in the 2002 PlayStation 2 game The Getaway.


Jake shared a close relationship with his uncle, Charlie Jolson, who became best friends with Eyebrows and Sparky. At some point, Jake started a feud with Mark Hammond, who had defected to the Collins gang who were major rivals of the Jolson's. This feud would continue for many years. Jake also has a feud with Frank Carter, as they are shown to have strong hatred for one another, with Frank obsessively trying to bring him and his uncle down.

Shortly afterwards, Jake phoned McCormack and gave Grievous a fright with his sneaky style and nearly got into a fight with fellow heavy Big Walter when he believed the latter called him "mental". Walter reassured Jake and told him there was a welcome home present for him upstairs. This turned out to be Johnny Chai, a young Triad who was seriously wounded by Sparky who was torturing him with an electric wire. Jake and Sparky greeted each other then Jake began brutally beating Johnny with his bare hands, taunting him out thought that Johnny believed that the Bethnal Green Mob is weak, eventually killing him.

Jake told Mark to lure the Triads them to Hollywell Street outside of Worship, where Jake and the boys would massacre them. However, the Triads and Yardies start a gang war which Mark had to fight his way through, eventually murdering all of the attacking Triads and Yardies. Mark vowed to kill Jake for nearly sending him to his death.

Charlie thought that Mark was right about his uncle being a "bloody drama queen". At the depot, Jake retrieved the detonator and had half the Bethnal Green mob with him packing weapons to take to the Sol Vita. Once they drove off, Frank followed them. At the Sol Vita, Jake handed the detonator to Charlie.

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