Jake LaMotta was the protagonist of the 1980 film Raging Bull, directed by Martin Scorsese. He was played by Robert DeNiro and based on the real life boxer of the same name.


Between 1941 and 1954, Jake LaMotta was a successful boxer, coached by his brother, Joey. As his career progressed, he dated a young girl named Vicki, whom he later married. While he was successful in the boxing ring, his animalistic behaviour destroyed his life outside. Jake was extremely jealous and paranoid of his wife having sexual relationships with other men, including Joey. As such, Jake was abusive towards Vicki and frequently beat her up. One day, Jake asked Vicki if she had sex with Joey, and she sarcastically admitted it. This caused Jake to fly into a rage and gave Joey a severe beating in his own house. In the ring, Jake's boxing style was aggressive, and he was said to have "punched a man's nose to the other side of his face". Finally, Vicki had enough of Jake and left him, taking their kids with her.

By 1957, things started to go wrong for Jake when he unwittingly allowed 14 year old girls into his club. He was arrested and jailed for this. Following is prison sentence, Jake started to realise he was being punished for his bad actions. In 1964, Jake met his enstranged brother Joey. Following an awkward meeting, the two finally forgive each other and they hugged. The film ends with Jake preparing for a comedy routine.

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