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Jake Martinez

Jake Martinez is one of the villains of Tiger and Bunny. He is a gang leader who a power called NEXT is believed as the murderer of Barnaby Brooks's parents and the leader of Ouroboros

He voiced by the late Keiji Fujiwara in the anime and by Steve Blum in the English dub.


Jake kidnapped a young rich girl as known as Cream in order her parents pay the ransom but Jake found out Cream was bullied by her classmate and her parents didn't want her, they end up working together and lovers the same day Albert Maverick killed parents of Barnaby Brooks and manipulated his memory to believe that Jake is responsible for his parent's death

Escape from Prison

Jake spends time with prison and Cream and his gang put bombing on Brox Bridge to order Jake released the prison where Kotetsu T. Kaburagi buys stuffed animals for his daughter when he sees a bombing. Barnaby holding the file of Jake. Because Cream's threats to destroyed the city, Jake was released from Jail. Barnaby and Wild Tiger sent their colleague Oragmi to disguised as Hans Chulkman before Jake discovered it and holding Origami as his hostage at the warehouse and thwarted Heroes to fight with him.

Jake then tried to shoot Kotetsu with his barrier ability, but Kotetsu managed to dodge it. The barrier hit the helicopter and the helicopter fell on Jake, causing his death.

Wild Tiger discovered that Jake heard his thoughts on his mind.


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