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"Don't you let anyone tell you any different!".
~ Jake Moon's last words to Pat Butcher, moments before he gets confronted by mobsters on his way out of Albert Square.

Jake Moon is a fictional character and anti-hero of the BBC British soap opera drama EastEnders. He appeared from 30 December 2004 to 20 October 2006.

In his characterisation, Jake is the older brother of Danny Moon and the pair were cousins of established character Alfie Moon. It soon transpired that Jake was a gangster who, along with Danny, were working for their crime boss Johnny Allen. These aspects were explored in Jake's story arc that saw him embarking on a feud with Johnny's rival and Alfie's nemesis Andy Hunter; establishing a relationship with pub landlady Chrissie Watts no sooner after she murdered her adulterous husband Den Watts; getting emboriled in Johnny's warpath against the Mitchell Family that involves clashing with hardmen Phil Mitchell and his brother Grant Mitchell respectively; finding out that Danny had killed Den's illegitimate son Dennis Rickman on Johnny's orders before accidentally killing Danny in their final showdown; developing a close friendship with local resident Pat Butcher; and becoming archenemies with his business partner Sean Slater in the midst of looking out for Johnny's daughter Ruby following her father's imprisonment.

The character was portrayed by English actor Joel Beckett.


In December 2004, Jake Moon arrives to Albert Square with his younger brother Danny Moon. The duo first appear in the serial when they step out of Walford Station to meet their cousin Alfie Moon, his younger brother Spencer Moon, and their grandmother Nana Moon. Together, the Moon Family celebrate New Year's Eve 2004 and prepare for their future in the square for the next year to come.

In 2005, Jake starts a relationship with beautician and businesswoman Chrissie Watts after she killed her husband Den Watts in self-defense that took place in the Queen Vic public house. Jake soon learns that Chrissie did it after she got revenge on Den for his cheating ways and for getting local resident Zoe Slater pregnant. It was then Chrissie made Zoe believe that she killed Den, only for Zoe to learn the truth from Chrissie's nemesis Sam Mitchell and leave Walford after saying goodbye to her mother Kat Slater. Afterwards, Chrissie framed Sam for Den's murder and Sam is charged for the crime while Chrissie is released and reconciles with Jake.

Jake and Danny are soon revealed to be gangsters working for their mob boss Johnny Allen. They briefly work for the square's undisputed crime lord Andy Hunter until the latter tries to steal Johnny's £750,000 in a criminal transaction. Jake helps Johnny stop Andy's plan but Jake is surprised when he witnesses Johnny killing Andy by throwing the latter of a motorway footbridge to his death. Danny then causes too much trouble for Johnny that leads their crime boss to plan on silencing Danny for good. Jake spots Johnny forcing Danny in his car and he hops in the car with them. After taking both of them in the abandoned woods with a pistol, Jake stands up to Johnny as he accuses Danny for setting fire on Johnny's house and dares him to kill them. At this moment, this leave both Danny and Jake's fates unknown until months later they showed up on-screen where it turns out Johnny had let them go. When Jake arrives back into Walford, he informs Johnny that he will not be starting anymore trouble along the way. Johnny tells Jake that he can stay, stating that Danny was the one who started all the trouble and thus Johnny has no grudge against Jake despite their differences.

By then, Jake has learned the extent of Chrissie's act of matricide and framing Sam for the crime when Sam's mother Peggy Mitchell reappears to exonerate her daughter. He stands by Chrissie after concluding that Den would never have died had he treated her better in the first place. At first Chrissie contemplates on turning herself into the police, but is convinced by Jake not to do it; Jake would then tell Chrissie about how he watched Johnny killing Andy on the night of Den's murder and explains that he understands what she has to live with. Trouble soon arises when Peggy's two hardman sons Phil Mitchell and Grant Mitchell return to help exonerate Sam. After initially fleeing the square together to go aboard, Jake is devastated when Chrissie gets arrested at the airport by the police with help from Den's adopted daughter Sharon Watts - who ends up punching Chrissie after finally learning the truth about how her father died. After Chrissie pleads guilty and is sentenced to life imprisonment, she tells Jake not to visit her in prison and they part ways after confessing their love for each other.

Following Chrissie's imprisonment and Danny's departure, Jake's attempt to settle his own life in the square grows complicated when he finds himself entangled in Johnny's feud against the Mitchells and Sharon. This soon continues to the point where Johnny begins clashing with Sharon's husband Dennis Rickman, the local hardman who previously killed his gangland boss and Andy's employer Jack Dalton back two years ago. Eventually on New Year's Eve 2005. Johnny has Dennis killed after Dennis attacks Johnny in retribution for threatening Sharon after Boxing Day that year. Later on at Dennis' funeral, Sharon attacks Johnny when he turns up and it is revealed that she is pregnant with Dennis' baby; Sharon would later leave the square to start anew. The follow-up of this sees Jake deducing that Johnny has Dennis killed. When his friend Pat Butcher asks him about it, he shares his theory before revealing to her that Johnny killed Andy a year before.

When Johnny and his youngest Ruby Allen leave the square, Jake feels settled in the square - only to end up getting surprised again when Danny reappears in the square again. A while later, Jake learns that Danny has been living in Johnny's mansion and decides to visit him. Danny admits to Jake that he is grateful to Johnny for wanting to pay back his debts. Danny then gives Jake his mobile phone showing a video of Dennis being stabbed and killed on New Year's Eve, which causes Jake to learn to his horror that it was Danny who killed Dennis that night; Danny admits that he killed Dennis on Johnny's orders for "overstepping the mark". Ruby, having overheard this, is shocked to hear this and runs out of the house - devastated at this revelation. Jake is surprised at Danny for killing Dennis and confronts him about it. This led to them fighting as Jake punches Danny when the latter holds him at gunpoint, only for Danny to knock Jake to the ground with a bat.

At the same time, Johnny and Danny find themselves dealing with Phil and Grant when the Mitchell Brothers plan to avenge Sharon's loss by bringing Johnny to justice for Dennis' murder. The confrontation between them ends in Johnny's favor when he kidnaps the Mitchell Brothers at gunpoint, and later orders Danny to kill Phil and Grant in the woods after having their hands tied to their backs. Danny prepares to kill Grant, but is suddenly shot himself - by none other than Jake. Earlier on, Jake had regained consciousness and grabbed the gun that Danny brandished and dropped in the fight between them; Jake learned what Danny was preparing to do for Johnny and tried to stop him by shooting him in the leg or arm, only to end up unintentionally killing his brother in the end. As Jake buries Danny's body in the woods, he and the Mitchell Brothers witness Johnny being arrested by the police for the murders of both Andy and Dennis - after Ruby had grassed her father to the police to put a stop to his gangland activities. Afterwards, Jake returns to the square with Ruby and promises to look after her.

For the next few months, Jake finds himself consumed with guilt and paranoia for having killed his own brother. Phil and Grant manage to help Jake move on with his life, despite Jake later lashing out at Ruby's ex-boyfriend Juley Smith in an incident. Jake also has a quarrel with Ruby's best-friend Stacey Slater when she confronts him about his erratic behavior and how it could effect Ruby's resolve to move forward with her life.

At somepoint around Autumn 2006, Stacey's hotheaded brother Sean Slater arrives in the square and begins dating Ruby - much to Jake's concern. Sean soon becomes Jake's business partner in Johnny's nightclub and the pair end up having a feud after Jake works out that Sean is merely forging a romance with Ruby to extract her financial assets; Ruby, though, is unconvinced that Sean is only using her to get her money and dismisses Jake on many occasions.

Left with no other choice, Jake alerts Johnny of Sean's plot and agrees to help kill Sean should the latter be unfazed in an arranged prison visit between them. When Sean visits Johnny to challenge Jake's accusations, Johnny attempts to threaten Sean into dumping Ruby and leaving Walford. But Sean remains unfazed and instead taunts Johnny, going as far as to dare Johnny to have him killed before asserting that he had sexual intercourse with his daughter and she loved it. This provokes Johnny to put his hands on Sean, but is pulled away by security guards. Johnny is sent back into his cell and he plans to have Sean killed in a fit of rage. Johnny goes to phone Jake to have Sean killed, but ends up having a heart attack before he could dial; Johnny's cellmate tells Johnny who he wants dead and Johnny whispers "Jake...kill him for me..." before being rendered unconscious; Johnny is rushed to hospital and dies before Ruby can visit him.

When Jake learns of Johnny's death, he goes to comfort Ruby - only to her to start verbally lashing out at him for causing Johnny's heart attack and renounces their partnership. He tries to appeal to Ruby, only for her to insult him by bringing up the fact that he went out with Chrissie after she killed Den before later murdering Danny just to stop him from killing Phil and Grant just like Dennis. Appalled by this response, Jake confronts Ruby and reassigns by telling her she and Sean are welcome to each other. Jake decides to leave Albert Square for good and says his final goodbyes to Pat on his way out. The streets have been left empty with only Jake walking across the street until he is bumped into a stranger, who appears to be a mobster working for Johnny Allen. The stranger confronts him by asking if his name is "Jake Moon". What happens next has not been revealed, thus concluding that Jake's fate has been left unknown.



  • Jake Moon is one of the few anti-villains in EastEnders whose fate was left unknown.
  • Joel Beckett (the actor who plays Jake Moon) was nominated for a few awards at the British Soap Awards ceremonies.