I'm sorry for what happened, sir. I really am.
~ Jake's cold, insincere apology for killing Henry Morton.

Jacob "Jake" O'Hara is a 13-year-old sociopath who served as the main antagonist of the Law & Order: SVU episode "Conscience".

He was portrayed by Jordan Garrett.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

When the SVU squad investigates the disappearance of a 5-year-old boy named Henry Morton, Jake tells detectives Stabler and Benson that he saw Henry the morning of his disappearance. Henry's body is later discovered and at first, a child molester named Billy Turner is suspected of murdering him, but his alibi checks out.

When evidence shows that Jake's fingerprints on the pebbles that were found inside of Henry's throat, Jake and his mother Leslie are brought in for questioning. Jake tearfully confesses that he killed Henry because Henry witnessed Jake falling on a cat and killing it after chasing it and was scared that Henry was going to tell.

He said that he was afraid that his mother would send him back to Rhinebeck Survival, a camp that Henry's father Dr. Brett Morton recommended for him after his father's death caused him to act out. He claims that he was burnt, cut and sodomized by the other boys. However, when ADA Casey Novak and Dr. George Huang speak with the Camp director, Dr. Burt Gleason, and the other boys, they learn that Jake's injuries were self-inflicted, that he harmed the other boys and killed animals. It's also revealed that Jake had been expelled from two private schools for arson and violent behavior. Dr. Gleason says that Jake is a sociopath, and should be institutionalized.

During Jake's family court hearing, Novak and Detective Elliot Stabler interrupt, saying that Jake lied about what happened to him. When Novak asks for Jake to be tried as an adult instead of a juvenile, the judge declines. When Dr. Morton learns the truth about Jake, he flies into a rage and is escorted out of the courtroom.

Outside of the courtroom, Dr. Morton tells Stabler that Jake will kill again once he's released from juvenile detention. As Jake is leaving the courtroom with his mother and attorney, he "apologizes" in a cold, mocking voice and walks away. When Dr. Morton yells at him, Jake turns around to face him. Then, Dr. Morton grabs a court officer's gun and shoots Jake in the chest.

Jake is taken to a hospital, where he dies in surgery from his injuries. Dr. Morton is charged with Jake's murder, but is acquitted after claiming in court that he acted out of grief. When Stabler and Novak confront Morton, he tells them that he decided to kill Jake upon learning that he murdered Henry on purpose, and waited until the right moment to take the officer's gun. He also says that there's one difference between himself and Jake: he won't kill again, while Jake would have continued.

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