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Jake Oswalt is an anthropomorphic pig and a main character in the fictionnal reality show, Life's a zoo. While all the protagonists are at times antagonistic to each other, Jake is the always the first one to threaten his opponents to win the game.

Jake constantly attempts schemes, believing himself to be a genius when it comes to reality show strategy. He joined Life's A Zoo by accidentally walking into the audition trailer thinking it was a sperm bank. He is the shortest person in the mansion and appears to be nerdy. In the episode "Welcome to the Jungle", it is implied that he still lives with his mother. In the episode "Scared Shirtless", it was also implied that he was bullied severely as a child. He has been shown to be egotistical and devious. He lusts after Minou, and constantly spies on her when she is showering. He also believes that she lusts after him just as much, and that they will have sex before the season ends, despite her disgust with him. He was the first one to be eliminated in the first season. In the second season, he began to lust after Bobbie. He was the sixth one eliminated in the second season, but won the house when Chi-Chi forfeited it. Unfortunately, he had rigged the house to explode when she won and couldn't prevent it from happening. He now works as Ray's servant in the rebuilt mansion.