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Now we're even.
~ Jake Skinner

Jake Skinner is a ghost who appeared in The Haunting Hour episode "The Dead Body".

He was portrayed by Matt Angel.


Jake was once a loner in 1961. He kept getting bullied and pulled a prank on some jocks. Unfortunately, his tormentors got even. On the night of the school dance the jocks locked Jake in a cage and burned the gym to the ground. Everyone made it out, except Jake.

First Appearance

In the present Jake helped Will with his bully problem and Will would return the favor. During a class trip, he pretended to be a dead body in front of Travis and Chang and sat up screaming causing them to run. He helped Will, but decided to kick it up a notch (which Will allowed). However, Jake ended up giving the bullies panic attacks.

When Will found out that Jake was a ghost Jake told Will couldn't back out because he owed him. Jake sent Will back in time to the day he died. Jake was rescued, but left Will to die. Since he didn't die Jake began life anew. Jake went to the dance and introduced himself to Anna (whilst Will tried to warn her). As the two shared a dance Jake noticed Will and said they were even. In The Dead Body 2, he is the main villain.

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