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This is my world!
~ Jakob Toretto.

Jakob Toretto is the central antagonist of F9, the ninth movie of the Fast and Furious Saga.

He is the middle child of Jack Toretto and the brother of both Dom and Mia Toretto, who was exiled by Dom after his father's death and becomes a dangerous man with knowledge of espionage and technology who used to work for Mr. Nobody.

He was portrayed by John Cena, who also played himself during his time as a wrestler in the WWE, Baron Draxum in Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Agent Jack Burns in Bumblebee, and Peacemaker in The Suicide Squad. While as a young adult, he was portrayed by Finn Cole.


Early life

During one of his father's races, Jakob was told by his father to sabotage his own car so he can throw the race. However, when his father was rammed by Kenny Linder, his car blew up with his father inside, killing him and Jakob witnessed the whole thing with regret and sadness.


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  • Jack Toretto † - Father and accidental victim
  • Mother
  • Dominic Toretto - Brother
  • Mia Toretto - Sister
  • Letty Ortiz - Sister-in-law
  • Brian O'Connor - Brother-in-law
  • Brian Marcos Toretto - Nephew
  • Jack O'Connor - Nephew
  • Unnamed niece
  • Tony Toretto - Cousin


  • Buddy - Friend
  • Dominic Toretto's crew - Former enemies turned allies
    • Vince †
    • Jesse †
    • Ramsey
    • Roman Pearce
    • Tej Parker
    • Han Seoul-Oh
  • Elle - Former enemy and kidnappee turned ally


  • Kenny Linder - Attempted victim
  • Mr. Nobody - Former ally turned enemy and possible victim
  • Little Nobody - Former ally turned enemy and possible victim
  • Cipher
  • Otto † - Former ally turned enemy
  • Sue † - Former ally turned enemy and attempted killer



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