I especially love those fuzzy ears of yours. I want them.
~ Jakotsu meeting Inuyasha for the first time

Jakotsu is a member of the Band of Seven who relies on a strange sword to fight. He (yes, a he) is a blatant homosexual who becomes especially smitten with Inuyasha, although his sadism and bloodlust often get the better of him.


Japanese English
Ai Orikasa Jenn Forgie

Both Japanese and English versions are voiced by women.


Jakotsu first makes his appearance in episode 102. He soon becomes obsessed with Inuyasha, refusing to go after any other of the Band of Seven's enemies. He is often shown to despise women, attacking Sango when she "interfered" in the ongoing battle between himself and Inuyasha. In the past, he was good friends with Bankotsu, traveling with him even before the Shichinintai were formed.  

Jakotsu is mortally wounded under a pile of rubble during her final battle with Inuyasha. Renkotsu, who had become obsessed with immortality, dealt the killing blow to Jakotsu for his jewel shard.  

Fighting Style

Jakotsuto: the Jakotsuto was a broadsword made of over 50 blades linked together by pins, when used with Jakotsu's skilled swordsmanship skills it would flow around like a snake being while and unpredictable.

Other than the Jakotsuto blade, Jakotsu had displayed keen reflexes during his battles.


  • Jakotsu is one of the two openly gay characters in Inuyasha, the other being Suzaku, a demon ninja working under Hoshiyomi.
  • Jakotsu was originally going to be a female, but the creator wasn't comfortable with Inuyasha killing a human woman, so Jakotsu was changed to be a homosexual.
    • Had Jakotsu been a girl, Jakotsu would have been the first and only female member in the Band of Seven.
  • Jakotsu was shown to be annoyed by female characters interrupting him in any way, and will last out at them (the most notable being Kikyo, Kagome, and Sango).