Well well... It appears we have a guest! Looks like we caught you just in time. A leak like this would have been problematic, to say the... LEAST!
~ Jakov Kinisky to Christy Ryan

Jakov Kinisky is an antagonist in the 1997 arcade game Time Crisis II.


Kinisky is a slim, effeminate Russian man with a high-pitched voice who works for Ernesto Diaz, the game's main antagonist. He has short blonde hair, wears a navy blue suit and a hat with a wide rim, as well as an orange shirt with a dark pink tie.


During the first level, Kinisky and his men prepare to kidnap an agent named Christy Ryan, who was responsible for uncovering Diaz's plan to launch a nuclear satellite into space. She spots them in time and shoots the spotlights they shine on her, scaring Kinisky, and allowing her to escape. However, he later bursts into Christy's apartment and kidnaps her as she is trying to phone the secret services. He takes a briefcase but is interrupted by two agents, Keith and Robert. Kinisky and his gunmen try to shoot them but fail, and the agents manage to defeat them all with ease. Kinisky escapes and the agents continue to shoot down many more of his armed henchmen, but as they make their way outside the apartment, a lorry comes speeding into the square and swerves onto its side. Kinisky appears from inside and fires bullets and rockets at the agents, with the help of more gunmen. The agents fire at him but he finds shelter behind the lorry and makes another escape. He also appears in various streets to help his men kill the agents, but again he fails.

Keith and Robert continue through the town, killing off more of Kinisky’s men, and they then come to a large river between the apartments. Kinisky has a brief meeting with his remaining men before escaping down the river in a grey armored speedboat, but the two agents pursue him in small boats of their own. Kinisky attacks them with twin Gatling guns mounted on his speedboat and his personal submachine gun, whilst laughing maniacally as the agents fend off the henchmen. Keith and Robert then fire at the speedboat on which Kinisky is riding. After dispatching the rest of the henchmen who are riding in speedboats alongside them, Kinisky is shot square in the chest – he wails in panic as his speedboat goes out of control and explodes, killing him. His hat is later seen floating in the water and the agents recover Christy's briefcase computer, getting a lead on the satellite's location.


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